ODM DAILY 17 September 2022 – GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU!

ODM DAILY 17 September 2022 – GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU!


Elijah had so many miraculous experiences; you would have thought that he would have unshakable faith. After all, he caused the rain to stop for more than three years (1 Kings 17:1), was fed by ravens (1 Kings 17:4), saw a limitless jar of flour and jug of oil (1 Kings 17:14), witnessed a widow’s son resurrected (1 Kings 17:22), and beat the prophets of Baal by calling down fire from heaven (1 Kings 18:38).

However, when the showdown with the Baal worshipers so angered King Ahab and his wife Jezebel that she vowed to see him dead, Elijah couldn’t take it. The pressure of being such a high-profile prophet of God had gotten to Elijah and he ran into the wilderness FOR FEAR OF DEATH. When God met him there, Elijah complained, feeling abandoned and feeling like he was the only prophet left!

Oh, now is the wonder – despite his depression, murmuring, fear and accusing God, etc, GOD WAS NOT MAD AT HIM! How do you imagine God responded to Elijah? He fed Elijah and allowed him to rest. Wow! After a time, he finally answered Elijah’s complaints and He encouraged Elijah with a still, small voice that he was not alone (1 Kings 19).


The Holy Ghost wants you to know that no matter how strong your faith is (LIKE ELIJAH), IT IS NORMAL TO BE DISCOURAGED, MURMUR, QUESTION GOD, GET DEPRESSED, FEEL DELAYED, FEEL GOD IS SLOW, BE ATTACKED WITH FEAR, FALL, etc, SOMETIMES! Ah! God knows you are human and HE IS NOT MAD AT YOU!

Every allowed challenge is preparing you for your upcoming testimony which will change your name to CHAMPION! Never condemn yourself! Just wait on God and believe that HE WILL SHOW UP! Take time to care for yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally and then get back in the race! Hold on and hold out! NEVER, EVER QUIT! ONLINE – “MORNING FIRE with Bishop Chris” – Today 7am (Nigeria time) via Facebook & Youtube.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: When the roll is called…

1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led.

2. Thank God for His EXCESS LOVE for you!

3. LORD, no matter Your patience with me, I shall not take Your love for granted!

4. I decree that every enemy (Jezebel) who is determined to stop my laughter; RUN MAD! RUN MAD! END IN CONFUSION in Jesus name (Pray it 7 times today).

5. Pray about today as led and loose A NEW PRAYER FIRE UPON YOU!


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