Our Daily Manna ODM 3rd April 2022

Our Daily Manna ODM 3rd April 2022


Our Daily Manna ODM 3rd April 2022


Our Daily Manna 3rd April 2022

A young man, the only son of a New England, USA farmer, fell into ways of living irresponsibly at college and incurred debts which he could not meet. He was arrested for forging the name of a friend of his father. After he was tried, convicted, and sentenced, he escaped from the police on the way to prison and hid in the far west.

The father secured money to cover the forgery, got a pardon from the governor for his son, and spent several thousand dollars to hire a private detective to find him. It so happened that the detective was the former police officer from whom his son had escaped. The young man’s father gave the former officer a note for his son and sent him to find him. He did find him.

Our Daily Manna 3rd April 2022 – TOPIC: THE WORD MADE EASY!

The room in which he was found had but one entrance, so that escape could only be made by the door through which the police officer entered. No sooner had he come into the room than the young man recognized the detective, and supposed that he had been hunted down at last and would be arrested and taken back to prison. He rushed for the door and as he passed, the former officer said: “Stop, John!

I’ve not come to arrest you, but to put into your hands the governor’s pardon, and to take you home to your your father, who sent me to find you and give you a letter.” The young man took it, and then broke the seal. Out of it fell the canceled note, wit the bank cashier’s receipt for payment in full, and the letter read as follows: “My dear boy: The miserable debt is paid; the govemor has pardoned you. Your father loves you.

Our Daily Manna 3rd April 2022 – TOPIC: THE WORD MADE EASY!

Come home to me.” For a moment the young man gazed upon the letter he held in his hands: and then, for the first time in years, tears came into his eyes, and falling upon a chair, he sobbed out his sorrow and repentance. Then looking up, he reached out his hand to the ex-officer and said: “I will go back with you. Take me to my father.” Oh, what a father’s love! But no matter what you are passing through and no matter the fierceness of the battles you are facing. you must also know that Jehovah God through His Son Jesus Christ has paid your debts.

You are no longer indebted and can no longer be accused by satan or enemies. Jesus paid the greatest price ever paid in history! From today’s scripture, three words SUMMARISED it all:”It is finished.” That means it is settled! That means you are now discharged/acquitted. He was also saying, your days of “SORRY” ARE OVER!

He was saying, your days of “CONGRATULATIONS have started! Yes, it’s a matter of time, BUT your enemies will know that they have no LEGAL CLAIM over you again and whether the devil likes it or not, you MUST sit on your throne of testimony and DIVINE SURPRISE this year in Jesus name! TONIGHT 8PM – OPERATION-SETTLE-YOUR-WEEK WITH GOD! Via FACEBOOK LIVE: “ourdailymannaworldwide
Be ready to pray! Sometimes Iam led to call NAMES and release a Prophetic WORD direction/ Warning for those who log in. Time: 8pm (Nigeria Time).
Our Daily Manna 3rd April 2022 – TOPIC: THE WORD MADE EASY!

PRAYER POINTS Take Song 1:My hope is built…

My Father, my Father; I thank you because when You declared, “ITS FINISHED” my problems were finished from their ROOT! Whatever I am passing through now is only a symptom of the LEAVES!
Our Daily Manna 3rd April 2022 – TOPIC: THE WORD MADE EASY!

I declare loud and clear now that people will tell me,”CONGRATULATIONS and not SORRY” this year in Jesus name! It is finished.

2. I decree: Every mouth of the wicked speaking against me concerning 2022: SHUTUP in Jesus name.

Our Daily Manna 3rd April 2022 – TOPIC: THE WORD MADE EASY!


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