Manna Devotional Online 9 February 2024 – HOT DOG AND THE LONGEVITY STUDY – 2

Manna Devotional Online 9 February 2024


daily bible study
daily bible study

Continued from yesterday…Then, when considering other risk factors like the sodium and trans-fatty acids inside the hot dog, counter-balanced by the benefit of its polyunsaturated fat and fibres, we arrived at the final value of 36 minutes of healthy life lost per hot dog.”

The researchers gave each food a traffic light rating based on the results of the analysis which indicated whether more, less or about the same. Salmon got a green label because it adds 16 minutes to a person’s healthy life; it however got a red for environmental impact because of its oily nature.

Coca Cola got a red because it takes 12.5 minutes of a person’s healthy life per drink. Foods are only recommended if they score a green for both nutrition and environment. That is what is seen for all the green dishes that are meat-free, with plenty of fish, beans and nut-based items. So much science, you will say.

But Ephesians 6: 2-3 also urges you to honour your parents so that your days may be long upon the earth. In addition to today’s Word, other Bible passages give us secrets to longevity. These include fearing the Lord (Deut. 6:2), keeping to His Word (Proverbs 3:2), calling upon the name of the Lord (Psalm 91: 15-16), refraining your tongue from evil, avoiding lies, hating evil, doing good and making peace (1 Peter 3: 10-11).

While eating a good and balanced diet adds to life, the place of keeping to the statutes spelt out in the Word of God, cannot be taken for granted. As you eat to keep healthy, stick also to His Word. This will add days to your life and prolong your stay on planet earth. May your days be long upon the earth because JEHOVAH GOD STILL NEEDS YOU FOR HIS WORK HERE!

Pray seriously now! (Give out at least 7 copies of this booklet this week and I shall send you special prayers on: “LORD, TAKE ME FROM THE VALLEY OF SHAME IN 2024.” Or “Let my life DISGRACE any power determined to BRING ME DOWN in 2O24”). Give out the books and send a message to: [email protected]. This is your year!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: When the morning comes…

  1. O Lord, I shall live long to proclaim Your name upon the land of the living. Manna Devotional Online 9 February 2024 – HOT DOG AND THE LONGEVITY STUDY – 2
  2. Satan, you cannot use FOOD to destroy my destiny! I stop your plan to take me before my time in Jesus name (Pray it seriously and watch your diet).
  3. I will follow and obey the WORD OF GOD and I shall see length of days! O Lord, add days to my life; I shall not serve You in vain in Jesus name (Cancel 2,389 deaths in 2024).
  4. ARROW OF PREMATURE DEATH, CATCH FIRE! I refuse to die before my time in Jesus name. Manna Devotional Online 9 February 2024 – HOT DOG AND THE LONGEVITY STUDY – 2



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