ODM Online 1 November 2023 –– THE ONLY PRISONER WHO ESCAPED!

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ODM Online 1 November 2023 –– THE ONLY PRISONER WHO ESCAPED!


Many years ago during the Second World War, there was an Englishman who had been held in the prison camp for a long period. After reading Psalm 91, the Spirit of God inspired him and told him, “Rely on what you have read and GO HOME! Trust the Lord.”

He got up and started walking out of the prison camp. As he walked through the corridor towards the prison gate, a guard called out, “Prisoner, where are you going?” He replied with boldness, “I am under the protection of the Most High.”

The guard kept shut immediately! In those days, Adolf Hitler was regarded as ‘Most High.’ As this prisoner walked and guards called him to question him, he would shout with boldness, ‘I am under the protection of the Most High,’ and as he did, the guards would stand at attention and let him pass.


He made his way through the German prison camp and eventually reached England. HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAME OUT OF THAT PRISON ALIVE.

As 2023 ends, always remember that God’s Word truly works. Put that word in your mouth and let that word build a shield of protection that cannot be penetrated by any demonic arrow or bullet! Refuse to be lazy! Use the WORD daily! The shield of faith is a shield designed by the Most High to protect His covenant children and servants.

Anyone who receives this shield and covers himself with it becomes UNTOUCHABLE! Open your mouth daily and declare the promises as the year ends! See pages 38-39 for covenant promises! PEACE! ONLINE – “MORNING FIRE with Bishop Chris” – Today 6.30 am (Nigeria time) via Facebook & Youtube.


PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Higher ground…

1. Worship God and praise Him for today’s word!
2. I shield myself with the power of the Holy Ghost, I hide myself under the shadow of the Almighty; no evil shall befall me. My family is secured in the shadow of the Almighty; no plague shall come near our dwelling place. Pray about this new month.
3. I cancel every demonic attack. I destroy every evil arrow pointing in my direction; I shall not be touched! I must ESCAPE every wicked arrow in Jesus name.
4. I am under the protection of the Most High, I shall not be hurt.
Declare it over and over again.


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