ODM Online 3 October 2023 –– THE CONSISTENT GOD!

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ODM Online 3 October 2023 –– THE CONSISTENT GOD!


Share this me and note that when you are consistent with God, He remains consistent and UNCHANGEABLE with you. “Good morning sir!

I want to testify of God’s greatness in my life. I participated in the 21- day and 14- day fasting programmes and what was consistent in my request was that God should facilitate my immigration plans to Canada. With the recently concluded July 14 -day fast, I was also specific, asking God to grant me my PPR (RESIDENCE PERMIT).

I requested that God give it to me as a birthday present only in line with His perfect will for me. My birthday was on the 29th of July 2022. My “Jehovah Overdo” was on point.

He ensured that I was sent my ready-for-Visa mail on the 29th of July at 3.11 pm.

I can’t thank God enough. I want this testimony to teach people that God is real and our relationship with Him must never be taken lightly.

God is passionate about us. I give God alone the praise. Please withhold my name and e-mail.

Thank you. From O.E.” Yes! To God alone be the glory, but learn the following:

1. The testifier was SPECIFIC AND CONSISTENT.

THERE WAS NO VAGUENESS, WORRY, ANXIETY OR DEPRESSION. He/she asked and believed God even when everything around seemed IMPOSSIBLE! As 2022 ends, determine to hold on and wait on THE LORD no matter the delay or satanic facts around you!

2. The testifier prayed to God to give his/her request as a birthday present “only in line with His perfect will for me.” Do you know that many people pray outside the will of God? THEY ARE DESPERATE! They want something because others have it! That was the mistake of the Jews in today’s scripture!

They wanted a king because other nations had kings! That must not be your portion! Always Pray: THINE WILL BE DONE! Reject depression and self-pity! You will shine and overtake many! Hold on! Be focused! Be specific and hold out!(ODM is the best gift Item).

ODM WILL NOT DIE! LET GOD USE YOU! See Page 39 Concerning The ODM Price Increase! Pray For Us And Pray For The Government!Also, If God Can Use You To Donate towards/Subsidise The ODM Printing Paper Cost, Let Me Know Via The Phone Number On Page 39 of this booklet (WhatsApp Only Please)! Thanks, Bishop Dr Chris. .

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: When the morning comes…

1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. I decree that I shall not WAVER or COMPARE MYSELF TO OTHERSAGAIN!
3. I decree that I shall be RUGGED AND I SHALLWAIT TILL MY CHANGE COMES(pray it seriously).
4. I decree that I shall not MISS THE WILL OF GOD concerning the following issues of my destiny (mention them).
5. I command depression and self-pity to loose me and go now!
6. Pray in TONGUES NOW concerning the remaining days of 2022.
7. Pray about today and about any other issue(s) affecting your peace.


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