ODM Daily 21 September 2023 – WHEN THE BROOK DRIES UP

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Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe (author of ODM) is a dynamic man of God with strong prophetic, healing, preaching, and teaching ministries.


There are times in our lives, when God allows your wine to dry up. There are times, when God allows even the brook (the river) and your channel of blessings which He provided in the first instance, to dry up.

There are times when God allows even ordinary water to be scarce in the wilderness.

There are times when God allows leprosy even though you are a General (2 Kings 5:1).

Why does He allow us to go through problems? There are times when the fish will not enter the net.

Can God tell Elijah, “Go to the brook Cherith (a river)…” and the same brook dries up? Yes, and yes it happened.

One reason the brook dries up is that God does not want your eyes on the brook, but on Him (THE TRUE SOURCE).

There are times when God may take away your Moses, hide his body and bury him Himself, so that you don’t worship man.

God’s sources may differ from time to time. But always remember that God knows all you are going through and He will make a way out, even when the brook dries up or there are needs everywhere.

TRUST Him! We shall use today’s scripture for a couple of days. Your faith may not be great, but your God is!

In this year 2023, look up to Him alone, and wait on Him (don’t panic) even when the brook dries up because God has a plan! Shout 21 halleluiahs now! BE A FOOD BANK PARTNER – SEE PAGE 29.

ONE NIGERIA ONE ODM! Sow towards the 1ST OCTOBER NATIONWIDE RALLY Tagged, “ONE NIGERIA, ONE ODM.” The aim is to sow ODM into the life of every Nigerian on OCTOBER 1ST IN-DEPENDENCE DAY EVERY YEAR.

Let God use you. Sow into any of the accounts on page 29 of this booklet and send SMS to ODM contacts.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: There’s not a friend…

1. Pray about today’s word as it has touched you.
2. In 2023, I shall not LACK, I shall not end in shame!
3. Lord, help me to put my eyes on You and not on the brook, men, or my job in this year 2023.
4. Repent from how you have trusted man/things/places rather than God, in the past.
5. Loose your PROVISIONS FOR 2023! You PRINCE OF PERSIA, I bind you; Loose me and go NOW!
6. Turn to the DANGEROUS PRAYERS AND BREAKTHROUGH SECTION and pray seriously today!
7. Turn to the daily Prophetic Declaration page (PAGE 135) to declare your confidence in Him.
8. Pray in Tongues! Pray about today seriously! Cancel STAGNATION!



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