Our Daily Manna 8 June 2023 – NOBODY MADE IT…

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Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe (author of ODM) is a dynamic man of God with strong prophetic, healing, preaching, and teaching ministries.


Many years ago, Sir Isaac Newton had an exact replica of our solar system in a plastic form. At its center was a large golden ball representing the sun, and revolving around it were small spheres attached at the ends of rods of varying lengths. They represented Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and the other planets. These were all geared together by cogs and belts to make them move around the “sun” in perfect harmony. One day as Newton was studying the model, a friend who did not believe in the Biblical account of creation stopped by for a visit.

Marveling at the device and watching as the scientist made the heavenly bodies move on their orbits, the man exclaimed, “My, Newton, what an exquisite thing! Who made it for you?” Without looking up, Sir Isaac replied, “Nobody.” “Nobody?” his friend asked. “That’s right! I said nobody! All of these balls and cogs and belts and gears just happened to come together, and of wonders, by chance they began revolving in their set orbits and with perfect timing.” The unbeliever got the message!

It was foolish to suppose that the model merely happened by accident. But it was even more senseless to accept the theory that the earth and the vast universe came into being by chance. And It Is Much More Foolish To Think That Because Of The Difficulties You Are Facing, God Has Lost Control Of The Universe! Can’t The God Who Made The Universe In Just Six Days Fix That Matter In Your Life, family And Ministry? Why do you wallow in depression or despair?

You have need of patience because with your God, all things are possible! Aristotle said: “It is possible to fail in many ways…while to succeed is possible only in one way.” And that one way is to hold on a day longer! Look up! Trust God! Hold on and hold out! This Month Is The ODM Annual Month Of Mercy! It is a Month dedicated to do Charity work and to show Practical Love! This should be done throughout the month wherever you are! It should involve visiting Orphanages, Hospitals, Elderly people’s homes, etc. Sow a SEED OF MERCY into UBA ACCT NO. 1021784230. ACCT NAME: ODM MERCY OUTREACH or any account on page 29 of this booklet to help our visitation to Orphanages, Hospitals, Elderly Homes, etc. MERCY WILL NEVER ELUDE YOUR HOUSEHOLD IN JESUS NAME.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Higher ground…

1. Pray about today’s word generally as led now.
2. Somebody made this universe! Talk to that God about your life, family and ministry seriously as led now.
3 Pray the morning/evening prayers today. See page 7 now.
4. Pray against loss of a job today! Cancel demotion in 2023.
5. Pray against the death of a child in the womb! Prophesy life to the baby in the womb today! Loose the fruit of the womb!
6. Pray generally about today and about the year 2023 as led.
7. Let God use you to put ODM in every home. Support this vision. See page 29 now.


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