Our Daily Manna 26 April 2023 – YOU WILL DECIDE YOUR YEAR – 1

Our Daily Manna 26 April 2023 – YOU WILL DECIDE YOUR YEAR – 1

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Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe (author of ODM) is a dynamic man of God with strong prophetic, healing, preaching, and teaching ministries.


The world is a mixed bag of sorts and odds, apples and oranges. You choose which and what you become. Some people saw tomorrow from yesterday and worked hard to change the future for the good of humanity. Yet, others labour to destroy the rough stones and structures erected by those edifying humanity. In 1903, two self-taught engineers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, came from deep in the bowels of the United States to chase the future. They designed the first ever-mechanical instrument called the aeroplane.

At 14, Albert Einstein born on March 14, 1879, in Liln, Germany, was a mere boy. At 26, he was advised by his teachers to withdraw from school, because he was a disaster in mathematics. He refused to give up. He refused to allow people or circumstances to decide his life. The same ‘drop out’ was the same man who changed mankind’s perception of space and time. His Theory of Relativity has made space travel, bomb-making, electronic technology, computer and Quantum Physics, very possible. Your life and what you will become is in your hands.

God determined your success the day you got Born Again! Yes, there are delays and challenges, yes there are seasons when it seems God has travelled, yes, there are allowed battles that seem to defy your fasting and prayers, but at the end, you will write your history. What you become at the end of this year is in your hands because it is not what happens to you but what happens in you that determines where you will end up! Will you allow the 14-letter word “discouragement” or the 10-letter word “depression” hinder your greatness in life and ministry?

Will you allow pain, people, sin, and stress to steal your glory? God’s promise to you in 2023 is clear: “I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper…” (3 John 2). The choice is yours. Fight distraction daily this year or bow to failure, stagnation and shame. The Wright brothers made it! Einstein was a star! What will be said about your family name? Hold on and be determined to stay focused on God! (ODM Is Still The Best Gift Item Around. Use It always). Let’s begin early! Support the 2024 January WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE – January 26th. 7.30pm – 4am. S e e page 26 for account details!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: When the morning comes…

1. In your words, pray about today’s word generally as led.
2. I declare today that by the grace of God, the talent and gift of God in my life and ministry shall be celebrated and not wasted. God will announce me this year. This is my chance. I shall not fail, in Jesus name. Men shall not tell me ‘sorry’ this year!
3. My God, show Yourself strong on my behalf this year in Jesus name.
O Lord, this is my year of evidence and a new song. Put a new song in my mouth this year in Jesus name.
4. Pray about today seriously as led. See page 7 now.


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