Our Daily Manna 15 April 2023 – ON THE MOUNTAIN: IT WAS FOOD HE USED!

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Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe (author of ODM) is a dynamic man of God with strong prophetic, healing, preaching, and teaching ministries.


On the night Martin Luther King Jnr. was assassinated, he was going to deliver a speech in Memphis, USA. In his pocket was found a copy of the speech he was to deliver. A notable line of that speech was: “Nothing is gained without sacrifice.” That piece of paper was bought for one million dollars, but you are getting it “free” in today’s devotional and that is why you must never joke with your prayer life as the year progresses! Do all you can to endure the pain of regular once-a-week fasting, instead of enduring the pain of regrets later!


Satan will always COUNTER ATTACK after your 21- day or 14 – day fasting program! A Personal Prayer And Fasting Programme Must Be Drawn By You If You Want To Fulfil Destiny! When it comes to eating, you can sometimes help yourself more by helping yourself less in your taste for food. Remember that it was food Satan used to bring man to bondage (Vs. 6 of today’s scripture)! Indeed, games can’t be won unless they are played and prayers can’t be answered unless they are prayed.


The same Martin Luther King Jnr. also wrote: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” To demand here, means to take it by force and adding fasting to your prayers is part of the demanding process! Hear Guy King: “No one is a firmer believer in the power of prayer than the devil; not that he practices it, but he suffers from it.” No wonder the Queen of Scotland in 1561 said: “I fear the prayers of John Knox than all the armies of Scotland put together.” May your disciplined/secret prayers this year dislocate hell and open prison doors this year from the gates of INSULTS!


I prophesy that you will be called the, “Land of RESULTS” and you will dance your dance in Jesus name. LET’S BEGIN EARLY! Support The 2024 January World Anointing Service – January 26th. 7.30pm – 4am. See Page 26 For Account Details! ONLINE – “MORNING FIRE with Bishop Chris” – Today 7am (Nigeria time) via Facebook & Youtube.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Higher ground…

1. Pray over today’s devotional scripture as led now.
2. Decree that food will not bring you into bondage. Ask for the grace to overcome the temptation of food in times of fasting and prayer.
3. Start praying about the personal ONCE-A-WEEK fasting TIMETABLE you will draw! Ask for the grace to be true to it.
4. Somebody made this universe! Talk to that God about you life, family and ministry seriously as led now.
5. Pray about today now!!!


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