Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe (author of ODM) is a dynamic man of God with strong prophetic, healing, preaching, and teaching ministries.

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When I worked as a young pharmacist many years ago in a large government hospital, I remember being in the hospital pharmacy one morning when a woman came to me and requested that I see her child in the ward, who was to undergo surgery the next day. They jokingly called me “SMALL PASTOR” in the hospital because I organized the hospital’s lunch fellowship then, for all staffers. The young boy had mandated the mother to make sure that I came to pray with him before his surgery.

When I got there later in the evening, he said “Pastor, I knew you would come” and said, as the mother went to get water, “If you pray for me, I won’t be afraid anymore.” The 7-year-old boy knew the importance of prayer especially when you are afraid of the unknown or confused. I shook hands with him on the morning of the surgery as he was being wheeled into the theatre and he told me that God had taken control. I was shocked! He went ahead to tell the surgeon that he was not afraid anymore, because his “pastor” had prayed with him.

I also assured him/the parents that I would be praying for him throughout the time of his operation. Truth Is, We All Have Certain Fears Or Concerns From Time To Time! In this New Year, the Holy Ghost is asking you a question: “What do you do when you are afraid of anything – death, poverty, late marriage, accidents, robbery, marital battles, disappointments, shame, etc? That is the time to call on the Lord. He has promised that He will hear us and as He did for the Psalmist. He will deliver you from all your fears (Psalm 34:4). The Psalmist says “he will not fear evil tidings; his heart is steadfast, trusting the Lord” (Psalm 112: 7).

This is a strong complimentary scripture to our basic text today. Share your concerns and burdens with your Christian neighbour or friend and talk to the Lord together whom you trust. This way, you will lay your fears to rest. Remember the old Olympic Slogan:TRUST? Apply it in your dealings with your God! May 2023 be that year in which you can boldly declare: “I put my trust in the LORD and He causes me to rejoice and shout for joy, because He defends me!” – Vs. 11 of today’s 1st scripture!(Give out ODM copies this week! You will see laughter). Start praying “PRAYERS JUST BEFORE ANY FASTING PROGRAMME ON PAGE 107 OF “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-18” from today! No more stories without results!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: What a friend we have…

1. Pray on today’s devotional as led now.
2. Father, help us to trust You more in Jesus name.
3. I speak to the headquarters of evil programs and destroy all their altars against me this year in Jesus name (pray and mention all the months of the year 2023).
4. I shall never end in SHAME this year; I will TRUST HIM.
ASSIGNMENT/ACTION: Declare a fast for spiritual revival and
uproot FEAR of any kind.


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