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Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe (author of ODM) is a dynamic man of God with strong prophetic, healing, preaching, and teaching ministries.


Welcome to today’s devotional with a smile experiment: Please frown your face and turn the sides of your mouth down. Imagine it’s your birthday and your friends or spouse forgot. Frown more! Hold it! How do you feel? Okay now, smile. Let the corners of your lips slide heavenwards (upwards). Imagine the birthday card has just arrived. The surprise party is for you. Bigger smile! Hold it. How do you feel? Better? Here’s why: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine (Vs. 22 of today’s scripture).

Many years ago, I registered a Pharmacy called: “MERRY HEART PHARMACY” till PAPAasked me to stop! Research has shown that when a person smiles, there is a reduction in cortisol, a chemical that provokes stress in the body and an increase in mind-elevating endorphins (hormones). On the social level, an honest smile cancels hostility and draws people near to you. It takes more muscles to frown than smile in the human body. Laughter has a protective effect on the immune system by increasing antibody producing cells and activating virus fighting cells.

The act of smiling engages at least three major muscle groups, increasing blood to the face and thus helping to create a glossy glow. Yet, despite all these benefits, a smile is free. I heard recently that the great philosopher, Akin Vatts, used to make himself to laugh every morning for 10 minutes as soon as he got up. I tried my own version for about 3 minutes of that exercise. The result? My wife probably thought I just had a pleasant dream! Of course, some dogs around thought I was bringing bones again, while a friend thought I was “abnormal,” but I felt wonderful all day.

Of course you know, I can’t be abnormal to have written this. Never forget: “…with a long life I will satisfy him.” Co-operate with Jehovah God for a long life. Stop frowning. Put the devil to shame. Laugh or smile till something happens. Start laughing now! Do that all day and all year! Peace! (Bless souls with ODM copies). TONIGHT 8PM – OPERATION-SETTLE-YOUR-WEEK WITH GOD! Also called: PROPHETIC RAIN. I could call your name as led and we shall all PRAY FOR YOU! Connect via FACEBOOK LIVE: “ourdailymannaworldwide” & Youtube: Manna TV In-ternational. SEE PAGE 45 FOR TONIGHT’S EMPHASIS!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship to God as led.

1. Pray about today’s word as led now.
2. Ask for the grace to overcome heaviness, depression, and self-pity. I refuse to die young in depression in Jesus name.
3. Men shall not tell me ‘sorry’ this year! They shall rejoice with me in Jesus name.
4. Pray about today and about any issue(s) affecting your peace. Be a Monthly Partner: Let God use you to support the increase in production of this booklet (3H) and the Manna Mountain projects. See page 29 now for details!


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