Our Daily Manna 25 March 2023 – WEAR YOUR DIVINE GLASSES IN 2023! HE SAW IT ALL!


Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe (author of ODM) is a dynamic man of God with strong prophetic, healing, preaching, and teaching ministries.

Millions around the world wear glasses for various reasons. Some wear glasses to correct a sight problem. Others wear them due to a permanent or partial vision impairment. And just as our physical sight is crucial to life, so also is our spiritual vision. Paul the apostle said: “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face” (today’s Word Vs. 12). The word “darkly” is the Greek word translated “enigma” which implies that our current spiritual perception in our earthly state is impaired. It Means You Will Not Understand All Things Or Why God Allows You To Go Through Certain Battles, Etc, But By And By You Will Know Why!

In the ancient world, they didn’t have the clear glass mirrors we have today. Instead, glasses were made of polished metals and provided a reflection that was dim and distorted! So, what was seen through a glass was only an imperfect representation of what would be clear if it could be seen directly. In the same vein, if you have questions about what God is doing in your life, family or ministry, continue to trust Him and seek clarity through prayer and His Word. Dennis Fisher wrote: “Our current spiritual vision is impaired, but in eternity we will see clearly. We will see Jesus “face to face.” Then Leech opined: “Someday He’ll make it plain to me, Someday when I His face shall see; Someday from tears I shall be free, For someday I shall understand.” Oh!

“WE NOW SEE JESUS IN THE BIBLE, BUT THEN (in eternity), FACE TO FACE.” Ah! No matter the battles confronting you or that may confront you in 2023, REFUSE TO QUIT! He saw that trial before it came and He has made a way of escape for you! You will never end in shame! In Christ, no battle or trial will swallow you because ALL THINGS work together for good! Use today to consecrate and reaffirm your commitment to God’s Word and His might!

TODAY IS DAY 7 Of MONTHLY 7-DAY ONLINE PRAYER SERVICE! TOMORROW SUNDAY 26TH is the March ONLINE ANOINTING SERVICE! Theme: “GOD OF POSSIBILITIES, ARISE FOR ME.” (Come with your oil & prayer points)! Connect via FACEBOOK: ourdailymannaworldwide; YOUTUBE: Manna TV International. Time: 8pm Nigeria Time. eaven at last!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.

1. Thank God for today’s word and pray as led now!
2. LORD, open my spiritual eyes that I may see clearly!
3. I refuse to quit now! I may not see it clearly or understand it all but I shall wait on the LORD, till my change comes!
4. I reject blurred/impaired spiritual vision now. I shall not
murmur or quit!
5. Satan, you are a liar; I shall see my Redeemer FACE TO FACE! I shall make heaven at last no matter the matter, in Jesus name.
6. Pray about today now!



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