Our Daily Manna 16 March 2023 – THE BOXING TOURNAMENTS OF LIFE!

Our Daily Manna 16 March 2023 – THE BOXING TOURNAMENTS OF LIFE!

Our Daily Manna 16 March 2023 – THE BOXING TOURNAMENTS OF LIFE!


Boxing is one of only a few professional sports with an unknown length. Baseball has no time clock, and soccer match lengths can vary thanks to stoppage time. In just half a minute (30 seconds), Mike Tyson knocked out his opponent Marvis Frazier, son of former Heavyweight Champion, Joe Frazier, with an uppercut. This is known to be the shortest and quickest victory in Tyson’s career! Also, legendary boxer Bernard Hopkins, who had recently been crowned the IBF Middleweight World Champion, put Steve Frank down in just 24 seconds on 27th January 1996.


Then another historic fight which took place between Puerto Rican boxer Jimenez, and his Austrian counterpart Harald Geier in September 1994, is the shortest match in the history of the sport. Jimenez put down Geier in 17 seconds, a timing that no boxer has come close to achieving even to this day. Sometimes, people who watch these contests complain that the matches are too short and they declare them a MISMATCH! What the Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional is that before you were born, the devil has been a MISMATCH for the God you serve! Satan was disgraced on the cross of Calvary! Jesus the LORD was slain and His blood pleaded EVEN BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! That means: YOU HAD VICTORY even before you were born! That means no battle can consume you in 2023!

Oh! That means the GREATER ONE in you will turn every INSULT of the PAST to RESULTS of the present! Your arch-enemy is no match for God. He can neither stand the Name nor the Blood of Jesus. Just like Dagon, the god of the Philistines fell before the Ark of God in today’s scripture, so will satan and your HATERS fall and will continue to fall before you and your God. It took Jesus only a few minutes to put right the life of a man whom satan had afflicted with disease for 35years (John 5: 1-9). It was a KNOCK OUT for the devil!


Your life’s boxing story will be a KNOCK OUT for your haters this year! No matter how far you think you have sunk, remember that Satan is no match for your God and your name is VICTORY! Carry this consciousness daily throughout 2023. I prophesy: Your enemies will forever regret that you were ever born! ODM IS THE BEST GIFT ITEM FOR ANNIVERSARIES, WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS, ETC. GIVE IT OUT REGULARLY!

PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 3: Oh, when the saints…
1. Restore back to me all that the enemy has stolen. Lord, thank you for the VICTORY of life even before I was born.
2. Check the dangerous prayer points section of this booklet, and use them today. Pray for your relatives, family, and friends today. Don’t forget the children. Cancel ‘rise and fall’
syndrome NOW!


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