Our Daily Manna 13 March 2023 – WHY THE BREAST CANCER RETURNED!

Our Daily Manna 13 March 2023 – WHY THE BREAST CANCER RETURNED!


A man of God gave a word of knowledge that God had healed a woman of breast cancer at a church and he asked the particular person to come out and testify, but the woman refused (out of shame) to come out. He asked the person again to come out and testify. She still refused. When it seemed as if the man of God was lying, the Lord asked him to tell the congregation that the woman who was healed but refused to come out to testify and give God the glory, will get the cancer back.


And it happened exactly as it was said. After the service, the lady ran to the man of God, begging to be prayed for. But God refused to heal her again. And she died eventually of the breast cancer. Nearly every man or woman of God have had the same experience! I have! There are people who are shy to cooperate with the LORD WHO CONFIRMS HIS WORD WITH SIGNS FOLLOWING! What a tragedy! That shall not be your portion in this year 2023!

I prophesy that in this year 2023, your life, family and ministry shall be a SIGN and a WONDER because the God you serve will perfect and confirm His Word in you after the order of MARK 16:20 – see it and pray it now!In this year 2023, tell others about whatever God has done for you, no matter how small it is. Your testimony can encourage the faith of somebody else! Never be ashamed to declare His name and goodness before people. God gave you that little or mighty miracle for a reason.


Don’t let God regret blessing you. Verse 22 of today’s scripture says, “I will declare Thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation, will I praise Thee.” Remember Rev.12:11 says, “And they (believers – you and I) overcame him (the devil) by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony”. JILL WOLF said, “When we share laughter, there is twice the fun, when we share success, we have surpassed what we have done.” The opposite is the case also! What we don’t share, we lose and it ends in sorrow! Keep inviting your miracles by testifying constantly. Destroy shame before it destroys your destiny this year.

Your name this year shall be ‘TESTIMONY!’ What has God done for you through ODM or any of our broadcasts, etc? Log in to: FACEBOOK: ourdailymannaworldwide every Sunday night 8pm Nigeria time or use YOUTUBE: Manna TV international to testify! You can also send it via e-mail: [email protected]. Remember: She died of shame! Wow! ODM now ON AMAZON! To order your copy of ODM online, visit www.amazon.com

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of praise as led.
1. Lord, confirm Your Word in my life this year as in Mark 16:20.
2. I tear off the garment of fear and I put on the garment of boldness and goodness in 2023.
3. Pray about today now!


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