Our Daily Manna 16 February 2023 – THE ETHIOPIAN PRESIDENT! THE POWER OF ONE! -2

Our Daily Manna 16 February 2023 – THE ETHIOPIAN PRESIDENT! THE POWER OF ONE! -2


From yesterday’s devotional about the Ethiopian president, we need stubborn people in our world; it’s because of them that reforms take place. In this year 2023, wherever you see oppression, apartheid, segregation, injustice or wrong of any type, YOU MUST OPPOSE IT! Don’t wait for the crowd to act!

Do not be afraid! Just act alone and always remember: Real POSITIVE PRIDE is holding your head up when everyone around you has theirs bowed. Hear Bryce Courtenay: “In each of us, there is a flame that must be NEVER ALLOWED to go out! That as it burns within us, we cannot be destroyed!” Don’t fall for the lie that ONE PERSON cannot make a difference. God raised PAUL just to minister to the GENTILES (non JEWS)!


IT HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! Even Apostle Peter and others opposed him! But a revolution that was to affect Africa and all the non-Jewish continents took place and shook the foundation of the earth – through ONE MAN – Apostle PAUL! Listen: All powerful movements began with the actions of individuals striving for change! Your actions count! In 2023, BE THE CHANGE!

Share with me the poem below: One tree can start a forest! One candle can wipe out darkness! One touch can show you care! One laugh can conquer gloom! One hand can lift a soul! One smile can begin a friendship! One word can frame the goal! One hope can raise your spirits One life can make a difference! BE THAT ONE LIFE TODAY AS YOU GO OUT DAILY! WOW! ODM NOW IN AMAZON! To order your copy of ODM online, visit www.amazon.com


PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led now.
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. Here am I; use me LORD! Use me this year as Your catalyst for change (Pray it well)!
3. I FEAR ONLY GOD! My life can and will make a difference this year! I refuse to join the crowd! I shall prayerfully oppose
injustice or evil this year!
4. The LORD will see me and be pleased this year! In 2023, there shall be a TAIL to HEAD revolution in Jesus name.
5. Lord, ACCELERATE ME! ACCELERATE my destiny! ACCELERATE MY, “FROM INSULTS TO RESULTS” STORY in Jesus name (Pray it seriously 7 times today).
6. Pray about today as led now. Pray the new DANGEROUS PRAYER POINTS today/this week. See from page 7.


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