Our Daily Manna 15 February 2023 – THE ETHIOPIAN PRESIDENT! THE POWER OF ONE! -1

Our Daily Manna 15 February 2023 – THE ETHIOPIAN PRESIDENT! THE POWER OF ONE! -1


President Sahle-Work Zewde of Ethiopia refused to be loaded into a bus at the funeral of the last Queen of England and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) described it as “an anomaly that has not happened anywhere.” WSJ quoted her as saying: “I won’t go like this. I need the same level of respect as others. This has many implications; I have my Embassy cars for the protocol.” The British authorities (WHOM I BELIEVE DO NOT PRACTICE SEGREGATION), could not convince her otherwise as she was allowed to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral with her Embassy cars. Indeed, no one can humiliate you without your consent!

The Wall Street Journal called the incident “an anomaly that has never happened anywhere.” Therein lies the audacity of the Ethiopian President! African leaders were mocked for being herded (crowded) into buses while President Joe Biden was allowed to ride in his armoured limousine called, “The Beast.” Other African leaders sheepishly kept a safe distance instead of expressing solidarity with the Ethiopian President. Oh, the POWER OF ONE! Also, the late Nelson Mandela stood his ground and made South Africa a greater country today!

Abraham had to do what NOBODY in his generation had ever done – an old man leaving his people because he heard a divine voice! One isolated incident can make history! In 1955, Rosa Parks, a US civil rights activist, made history after she refused to give up her seat in favour of a white man on a segregated bus. Her action prompted reforms. So, resistance is necessary for change. If we all decide to be timid and indifferent, nothing will ever change! As we continue tomorrow, never forget Edward Hale: “I am ONLY ONE.


I cannot do everything, but I can do something, because, I cannot do everything! I will not refuse to do the something I can do.” In 2023, GOD WANTS TO USE YOU FOR CHANGE WHEREVER YOU GO! Allow Him! Pray now! MORE ODM DISTRIBUTORS NEEDED FOR THE UK Send your name, phone number, town or city to +44 7818 36 8223 or +234-806-065-1045 or e-mail: orderodmgmail.com

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. LORD, use me this year as a catalyst for change!
3. I FEAR ONLY GOD! I refuse to join the bandwagon (crowd) this year! I shall prayerfully oppose injustice or evil this year!
4. In 2023, the LORD will make me the head and not the tail.
There shall be a TAIL to HEAD revolution in Jesus name.
5. Lord, ACCELERATE ME! ACCELERATE my destiny! ACCELERATE MY, “FROM INSULTS TO RESULTS” STORY in Jesus name (Pray it seriously 7 times today).
6. Pray about today as led now. Pray the new DANGEROUS
PRAYER POINTS today/this week. See from page 7.


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