Our Daily Manna 11 February 2023 – BE A STICKLER! BE A RUTH!

Our Daily Manna 11 February 2023 – BE A STICKLER! BE A RUTH!


When the Queen of England, Elizabeth 11 died, there were many voices for and against her personality (we all have opposition even in death). Some in my country blamed the British for African colonization, etc. But was it her fault? No! Do you know that she spent 20 days in Nigeria during the 1960 Independence ceremonies? Yet after that, just six years later, WAR BROKE OUT!

But in today’s devotional, we are looking at a good story from the genesis of that WAR which claimed about a million lives! On July 29th 1966, Northern military officers effected a coup against the then incumbent regime of General Aguiyi Ironsi (a Southern Igbo man) in Nigeria. He was arrested in the government house in Ibadan city, while he was preparing to address a meeting of traditional rulers in Nigeria. His host, Colonel Fajuyi was arrested and killed with him because he (Colonel Fajuyi) refused to grant the request of the
Northen coup makers, that he should give up his visitor (General Aguiyi Ironsi).

He (Col. Fajuyi) opted to die with him, than betray his guest and friend. Wow! The Holy Ghost wants you to focus on Verse 14 of today’s 1st scripture: “Orpah kissed her mother -in – law but Ruth clave unto her”. This generation needs more Ruths: people who can stay on a project, a purpose, and stick to it like a sticker or postage stamp without giving up! May God make you one. Colonel Fajuyi was “another Ruth” and he was a stickler to principles and friends!

How many faithful staffers, friends, relations, church members, etc, can you trust today? Ah! In this year 2023, learn to be a stickler in your business, marriage, church, job, academics e.t.c, in rain or in sunshine! Always remember that after the clouds and rain (negative situations), comes the sunshine. Sticklers are faithful people,and faithful people are going to be frontline people in the last-day army of God. The Bible says that Moses was faithful (Numbers 12:7).

God is faithful (1 Cor.1:9). Psałm 36:5 says, “His faithfulness reaches to the clouds.” Rev. 17:14 amplifies it: “…and they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful”. Oh LORD! Raise more STICKLERS in these end times! I decree: 2023 is your year and God will shake unfaithful people out of your life! Amen!
Today is ONLINE ASABA SPECIAL PROPHETIC SERVICE: Theme: “LORD, SETTLE ME THIS YEAR .” Time:8.00am (Nigeria Time). Connect via YOUTUBE: Manna TV International. FACEBOOK: ourdailymannaworldwide I shall speak over your 2023 prayer points again.

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.
1. Repent from giving up too soon and ask for the grace to stick in season and out of season this year.
2. Lord, let the “spirit of Ruth” fall on me this year! I shall be a STICKLER and not a QUITTER! I shall wait on Jehovah God
till my change comes!
3. Lord, let my enemies make mistakes that will promote me this year (Pray it for 3 days; night and day).
4. Let every curse placed upon me by enemies pass through the Blood of Jesus and their effect rendered powerless. Pray about today!


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