Our Daily Manna 10 February 2023 – GOD’S JUDGMENT IS A MOBACTION STORY! HOLD ON!

Our Daily Manna 10 February 2023 – GOD’S JUDGMENT IS A MOBACTION STORY! HOLD ON!


In Africa, cases of mob action popularly called, JUNGLE JUSTICE once resurfaced in parts of metropolitan cities where several suspects were killed. Yes! It is not uncommon these days for citizens to open their social media platforms and be flooded with all manner of graphic pictures and videos, mostly offensive, involving cases of mob actions in which alleged suspected kidnappers and other criminals are set on fire or beaten to death instantly.

Mobs blame the police, even as human rights groups and legal practitioners sometime blame the failure of the legal system for the perpetration of mob actions which have failed to decrease! Our emphasis today is Verse 9 of our text. Humanly speaking, the biological five senses of man, cannot comprehend why a divinity called God would allow a man (Saul of Tarsus) for example (Acts 9) to send thousands of Christians to their early graves before arresting him.


Why should that same God allow Adolf Hitler to waste the lives of 6 million Jews before his mysterious death? Instant judgment on King Herod (Matthew 2:16) would have prevented him from cutting short the destinies of thousands (if not millions) of children, killed by his lust for power. Why would a witch maim, destroy and kill multitudes and be allowed later to repent and be saved? Can the dead be brought back? Why did God destroy Korah and his company so quickly? (Numbers 16).

Listen: God is not slack or lazy concerning His promises/Word, but He is longsuffering towards our unsaved wicked enemies and us. Remember, God is love and longsuffering (which is stronger than patience), and this is an attribute or sign of strong love. What would have happened if God had passed judgment before you got saved? Eternal sorrow! Aren’t you glad that He is longsuffering? He is not willing that even one soul should perish. However, at His appointed time, He will act! Close with this: There is no education like adversity! Delay is not a denial!


Trust Him and thank Him for being longsuffering! No enemy will ESCAPE His judgment!
TOMORROW IS THE 1-DAY ONLINE ASABA SPECIAL PROPHETIC SERVICE. Theme: “LORD, SETTLE ME THIS YEAR.” Time: 8.00am (Nigeria Time). Connect via YOUTUBE: Manna TV International. FACEBOOK: ourdailymannaworldwide. I shall speak over your 2023 prayer points.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: What a friend we have…
1. Thank God for today’s word. Pray for friends, neighbours and colleagues who are not saved (mention names).
2. Thank God for your salvation and His longsuffering.
3. Arrows of premature death; RETURN to SENDER!!!
4. Turn to the Prophetic Declaration page of this booklet today! Use the FINISHING -THE -BIBLE-IN-1YR-PLAN daily!


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