Our Daily Manna 3 February 2023 – THE LIBERIAN TEAM: OPPORTUNITY WELL USED! 

Our Daily Manna 3 February 2023 – THE LIBERIAN TEAM: OPPORTUNITY WELL USED! 


I remember this story of yesteryears: The current president of Liberia, once European footballer of the year, Mr. George Weah, years ago prayed for the opportunity in his soccer career of meeting the Nigerian side. That opportunity came on Saturday July 8th 2000, when the Liberian Stars – (considered as underdogs) played against the Super Eagles of Nigeria in Monrovia. Contrary to bookmakers’ predictions, the Liberian national team defeated the highly rated Nigerian side by 2-1.


I was shocked! The world was shocked! Indeed, sometimes, opportunity comes but once! The then Liberian president, Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor, told them to play and die on the pitch if need be. They played ‘out their hearts,’ they did not die but won! You too will win as you use opportunities well in this year 2023. Yesterday, we defined opportunity as an egg which hatches your miracles. It’s a God- given chance and time to do something. Supposing you have the opportunity to stand before your country’s president face to face today, and you are given just a few minutes to spend with him, what will you ask from him or do?

That chance (opportunity) may never come in your lifetime again. The blind man in today’s scripture, shouted and cried out loud when he heard that Jesus was passing by. He used the opportunity (chance) of meeting Jesus so well (Verse 41). What will you do with the great people God is about sending your way this week? God will give you somebody, who He will use to promote/help you. Assuming Zacchaeus never climbed that tree (Luke 19:3-4), because he was small in stature? Be bold about opportunities(Luke 18:39).

There are people who pray about opportunities, but become scared or ashamed when they come. Be fast with opportunities (Luke 19:6). Be hard working and diligent with opportunities. Zacchaeus ran! He climbed! Sweat was involved (Luke 19:4)! He was diligent.
The blind guy, “cried so much….”(Luke 18:39). I am sure he was probably sweating. Don’t be timid when opportunities come. Approach opportunities by faith (Luke 18:42). Expect the best and finally, follow up on opportunities if they take time to hatch (Luke 18:40). Never give up! Remember also, that sometimes interruptions by others can be opportunities to serve them.

Hold on and hold out! Remember the Liberian team; remember Zacchaeus! Pray seriously now! NEXT WEEK SATURDAY February 11th is 1-DAY ONLINE ASABA SPECIAL PROPHETIC SERVICE. Theme: “O LORD, SETTLE ME THIS YEAR!” Time: 8.00am. Connect via: YOUTUBE: Manna TV International. FACEBOOK: ourdailymannaworldwide I shall pray over your 2023 prayer points again.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Oh, when the saints…
1. Lord, send me NEW OPPORTUNITIES this year! Arrows
of lost opportunities; I REVERSE YOU now!
2. Holy Ghost; recover/restore all my lost opportunities


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