Our Daily Manna 2 February 2023 – THERE IS A ‘SYCAMORE’ TREE FOR ME THIS YEAR!

Our Daily Manna 2 February 2023 – THERE IS A ‘SYCAMORE’ TREE FOR ME THIS YEAR!


Opportunity can be defined as an open door or simply as a God given chance to do something. It may come and go unused, unnoticed or misused. God can send someone across you to bless you. God can give you a chance to strike gold in your business or an opportunity to travel or help in need or give to His work. Some have the opportunity to hear the gospel and get saved (Born Again) just once before their deaths.

Opportunities are the answers to your prayers. They are the “eggs” that will hatch into your miracles! Don’t joke with them or be sloppy (slow) or lazy about them. You may have the opportunity to reconcile and heal a bad relationship. Use it well and fast. There is a popular adage that says “opportunity comes but once.” In today’s scripture, Zacchaeus knew that he may never have the opportunity to see Jesus again and truly Jesus did not pass through Jericho again.


Zacchaeus, known as a tax collector, knew how to use opportunities. Verse 6 says, “ he made haste and came down.” He climbed a tree because of the crowd to see Jesus. There is always a ‘sycamore tree’ for every Zacchaeus! That action shows that he did something very fast, to make sure that the opportunity of having a miracle encounter with Jesus did not pass him by. Note the word: “Haste.” In this year 2023, watch
out in your family, church, business, and school, e.t.c, for opportunities to higher grounds and progress. God will send them! What you do with them determines whether you recover, or regret. Esau regretted all his life because of opportunity misused (Hebrews 12:17).


King Saul (1 Sam13: 14) also misused his God-given opportunity to register his name in “generational gold.” Judas, Ahitophel, Miriam, Korah, Gehazi, Rueben and lots more, all had failed opportunities. Be vigilant and sober to know your God-given opportunities; use them well no matter the price and always remember: One opportunity used invites another. There is a “sycamore tree” for 2023 and you must pray now that you will not miss yours! A misused one may never come again! Pray seriously now! BE AN ODM MONTHLY PRODUCTION PARTNER Supporting More ODM Production Can Be Your Evangelism Seed Also. Be An ODM Production Partner. When You Sow Into Any Account On Page 29 Of ODM, Send An E-mail To: [email protected] And I Will Send You 7 Monthly Prayer Points.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. Repent from past sluggishness and lost opportunities.
2. Lord, send me NEW OPPORTUNITIES this year! Arrows of lost opportunities; I REVERSE YOU now concerning 2023! I shall not lose godly opportunities!
3. Satan, I contend with every legal ground you are standing upon TO ATTACK my opportunities this year! Lord, lead me.
4. Holy Ghost, recover/restore all my lost opportunities.


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