Our Daily Manna 29 January 2023 – TAKE BOLD STEPS OF FAITH… 2023 IS ACTION YEAR!

Our Daily Manna 29 January 2023 – TAKE BOLD STEPS OF FAITH… 2023 IS ACTION YEAR!

Our Daily Manna 29 January 2023 – TAKE BOLD STEPS OF FAITH… 2023 IS ACTION YEAR!


Very often people make positive confessions like: “I am rich,” “I am destined for greatness,’’ “I am a millionaire,’’ and ‘’I am a success and not a failure.’’ These confessions are not bad, however actual actions must back them up. Something must be done to bring the confessions to reality.

A sad truth is that, you can confess greatness and not become significant in any field in life if you fail to do something. Mere confessions do not transform lives or change the narrative. There is no shortcut to success or financial breakthrough. You must do something; you must engage your God-given endowment in problem-solving to produce results. The great men/women you admire today did something; they took bold steps and discovered their pathways in life.


Hear this: ‘’Life is governed by two principles… #Seedtime and Harvest time. Also note the following: •Action and Result. No action, no result! •No movement, no progress •No eating, no satisfaction •No input, no output • No seed time, no harvest time No labour, no reward/pay Therefore, if you do nothing, you get nothing in return. Looking at the basic text today in Luke 19: 11 -27, certain people were given talents.

Those that did something (invested) got returns but the person that did nothing with the talent given to him, got nothing in return. In fact, the sad thing was that, the talent he was given was taken from him and given to the person who took action (invested his talent). May your talent not be taken away from you and given to another in Jesus name!


(For more on how to take bold steps of Faith in MAXIMIZING your God-given ability, get the book “PURSUE YOUR TALENT AND MAKE IT A CAREER”By Dr (Mrs) Christy Okerie. WhatsApp +234-8025-156-703. E-mail: [email protected] TONIGHT 8PM – OPERATION-SETTLE-YOUR-WEEK WITH GOD! Theme: “COMMAND THE YEAR” Connect Via FACEBOOK LIVE: “ourdailymannaworldwide”

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Oh, when the saints…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. Holy Ghost, show me my GOD-GIVEN talents in 2023. I
shall not die wasted in Jesus name.
3. Father, I paralyze every power that has stopped me from taking bold steps of faith in pursuing my God- given ability!
4. Lord, lead me as I back up my confessions with actions this year in Jesus name. Let there be profit in my labour!
5. Pray about today and any issue(s) affecting your peace.
6. Pray for me and the ODM crew worldwide today as led.


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