Our Daily Manna 14 January 2023 – HE WAS MOVED FROM SHAME TO SURPLUS!

Our Daily Manna 14 January 2023 – HE WAS MOVED FROM SHAME TO SURPLUS!


Share this with me: “Words fail me, I don’t even know where to start. In April last year, I embarked on a 6am-6pm fast and was using the ODM to guide me through prayers daily. After that, God blessed me with a huge financial increase that was shocking! I was in a debt of 400,000 naira (about 600 dollars). I paid it off and still had much to spare. I want to thank God for His love and also encourage believers to believe in God and above all, to have faith that the Lord will show forth for you in any circumstance this year!

I want to thank DR CHRIS KWAKPOVWE for this “WAR AGAINST HAMAN” booklet – (From Jerry Ugbe ([email protected])”. Oh, HALLELUYAH! The LORD wants you to know that just as the brother paid off his debts and MOVED FROM SHAME, the LORD will never allow SHAME to be your name this year! Your case may not be debts, but something else! WHATEVER IS THE MATTER, never for forget that The GOD OF LAST-MINUTE VISITATION will do it for you! That is why QUITTING is not an option!


Reject depression and LOW SELF –ESTEEM/SELF PITY! Your God is the WAY MAKER and the PATH FINDER! He will make a way even when all roads are closed! He will cause you to move from SORRY to CONGRATULATIONS and from GROANING to GLORY! I see you moving from TAIL to HEAD this year and from MOCKERY to HONOUR! Close with Isaiah 61:7 – “For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.” For your past SHAME, there shall be DOUBLE FAME and DOUBLE HONOUR! That is for you this year in this prayer programme!

TODAY IS DAY 8 OF THE 21-DAY FASTING PROGRAMME! Turn to page 40 of “War Against Haman – 18” and pray those prayers seriously! Then join the breaking-of-fast online prayers tonight! DAILY BREAKING-OF-FAST ONLINE PRAYERS VIA: YOUTUBE: Manna TV International And Facebook: ourdailymannaworldwide. Time: 8pm – Nigeria Time! SEE PAGE 27 FOR DETAILS!


PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Oh, when the saints…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. I stand on God’s Word and decree that for my past SHAME, there shall be DOUBLE FAME/DOUBLE HONOUR this year! (Declare it many times as led).
3. Everlasting joy shall be my portion and the portion of my helpers/loved ones.
4. I decree that I will NEVER be the TAIL this year! I shall walk in the anointing of the HEAD in this year 2023.
5. Lord, baptize me with a SUPER STORY of divine provision!
6. Pray for the testifier as led now! Affliction shall not arise a second time.
7. Pray about today as led now. Scatter LACK! Loose Miracle FAVOUR!


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