Our Daily Manna 4 January 2023 – RUGGEDLY FORGET THE PAST!

Our Daily Manna 4 January 2023 – RUGGEDLY FORGET THE PAST!


It is easier said than done: FORGETTING THE PAST! Millions of men/women are trapped in the fear that anything familiar is safe. The past seems familiar, while the future looks risky. But today’s Basic Scripture says we should forget the past. Yes, tomorrow is a promissory note, but it’s a promise based on the God who owns the future and the past. Robert Browing, a mighty writer, wrote many years ago that, “A MINUTE SUCCESS PAYS THE FAILURES OF YESTERYEARS.” Success awaits you in this year 2023.


In 2023, you will fly like the eagle! This year will pay the failure of your past years and toil. It will cancel the INSULTS of your past! Determine to map out a new plan of action for your life. Determine to TURN and GO forward, no matter the past! May God give you fresh determination to disconnect yourself from the shame and pain of your past! This is a New Year!

That you failed in the past does not mean that you will fail again this year. Face your future with a greater determination. Don’t die in your past mess! RUGGEDLY DETERMINE TO MOVE ON! Today’s 1st Word in Verse 18 says “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider (think about) the things of old.” God will do NEW THINGS in your life/family/ministry this year.

You shall be comforted from every side. Men shall call you blessed. Be mindful of tomorrow without being anxious. Learn from the past, because those who cannot remember the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them. However, don’t dwell in the past nor be satisfied with the past. Affliction shall not rise again a second time concerning you! Finally, never forget that every ceiling when reached becomes a floor to higher ceilings.


Yes! Fear not! Dream, think, talk about and be expectant daily of the new and great things God has for you this year! If you can think it, say it and see it(imagine it) daily, then it is yours. I see you dancing a new dance this year! Forget the past. There are many more lands to be conquered this year and your best is yet to come. Pray now! (Get your “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 18” booklet now! It contains the 21-day fasting prayer points! Also, give out at least 10 copies of this ODM booklet!). ODM DISTRIBUTORS NEEDED IN UK and WORLDWIDE! Send your name, phone number, town or city to +447818 36 8223 or +2348060651045 or e-mail: orderodmgmail.com

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. In your own words, pray generally on today’s word.
2. Root out any plan to torment you with the past.
3. Lord, give me fresh ideas for possessing my Canaan this year! Change every INSULT of the past to RESULTS!
4. Lord, turn my mistakes of yesteryears to miracles for me and my family in Jesus name. Affliction shall not rise again!


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