Our Daily Manna 1 January 2023 – IT’S TIME TO ‘TURN AND GO!’

Our Daily Manna 1 January 2023 – IT’S TIME TO ‘TURN AND GO!’

Our Daily Manna 1 January 2023 – IT’S TIME TO ‘TURN AND GO!’


Welcome to this New Year! This is the year in which THE LORD GOD, will cancel every INSULT of the past! It is a year where INSULTS will be changed to RESULTS! A philosopher once said “Nothing in progression can rest on its original plan.” In our Basic Scripture today, we saw how the people of God refused to leave Mount Horeb, because of the glory that was revealed to them there.

God had to tell them in clear terms: “You have dwelt long enough on this mountain. Turn you…take your journey and go…” The same word “GO” is God’s marching order to you as you begin this year! “Go” and “move” are the same action words. Forget the past failures and success! God is saying it’s time for progress! This year will be the best you have ever had. Amen! Never forget that any success not updated is the express route to failure! It’s time to plan afresh and move on.


You don’t need to know where you are going, if you know God is leading the way! Be happy with where you are and with what you have right now but never forget also that to fail to plan is planning to fail. Therefore, prayerfully draw your goals for the year and commit them to God. Planning is futuristic. It is a feed-forwarding and backwarding exercise! Planning provides direction, helps decision-making, prevents surprises, helps us to detect troubles/satanic bomb mines, and helps us to stay on track.

As you determine to move forward despite the past, GOOD NEWS shall pursue you and your family from every side this year! CONGRATULATIONS will be your banner! You will accomplish what you have never accomplished all the years of your life, put together. Nothing will die or dry up in your hand this year! You shall SUFFER NO LOSS! The set time to favour you has come! Wherever you go, men/women shall notice you for good and they shall salute you! Yes!


Helpers shall rise for you from the North, South, East and West of the earth! Pray the prayer points below seriously, and use this devotional (Your insult-to-result manual) daily. By this time next year, you will be ten times bigger and loaded with results (evidence) of your serving Jehovah God! As you prepare to do a worldwide annual ODM 21-day fasting programme (January 7th to 27th), grace shall never elude your life, family and ministry! This is your year!

(Get your “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 18” booklet now! It contains the 21-day fasting prayers points! Also, give out at least 7 copies of this ODM booklet!) Send message to [email protected] and I shall send you prayers on: “LORD, turn the ODDs in my favour this year.” This is your year! TONIGHT 8PM – OPERATION-SETTLE-YOUR-YEAR WITH GOD! Theme: “IT IS MY TURN! IT IS MY SEASON!” Connect Via FACEBOOK LIVE: “ourdailymannaworldwide”

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led now.
1. Thank God for the gift of life and for this New Year!

2. I decree: In 2023, all obstacles to my progress, be uprooted!
3. Lord, use my life to make a name for Yourself this year in Jesus name! Change every INSULT of the past to RESULTS!
4. Pray about this year now! Pray in Tongues month by month
now! Check the dangerous 250 prayer points and the Prophetic
Declaration section of this booklet daily! Declare 21 times: THIS IS MY YEAR!




Poverty, defeat, and failure are attitudes of the mind; so is prosperity. Welcome to today’s devotional! Vs. 7 of today’s 1st scripture says: “As a man thinketh, in his mind,so is he…” Years ago, one of the best neurosurgeons (brain specialists) in the world said that the capacity of the normal, average human brain (not that of a genius) is so much, that it has been called the best computer operating system!

He said that if what the normal brain processes daily was to be converted or built as a physical computer, the computer will be about an 80-storey high building and will occupy a space as big as New York city or Los Angeles in the United States of America (just like Lagos, Ibadan or Kano in Nigeria), or London in the UK. Just close your eyes and imagine what kind of computer you are carrying in your brain! It is the biggest computer operating system in the world! You are not ordinary! Are you not created in the IMAGE of God?


When you think and learn to meditate on this, you will not die wasted. Think and learn how to meditate on the Word of God daily and you will not die a failure! There was this joke of the brains of three dead men being offered for sale: One was a Methodist, another a Catholic and the other, a Pentecostal. Each brain was sold for 10,000, 5,000 and 15,000 dollars respectively. When asked why the Pentecostal was so expensive, the sales manager said, it was because it had not been used at all. He said, “they pray and fast a lot, but do not use their brains much.” So it was still full and fresh with ideas!

Think seriously about that! This week and this year, may God DROP NEW UNDISCOVERED IDEAS into your brain! I see you being greater than even Elon Musk or Bill Gates of this world!
Read Joshua 1:8, and meditate on God’s Word daily. There is more in you than you think. The best computer in the world is in you! Declare 7 times now: “I cannot fail! The best computer
operating system is in me! I am made in the image of God! Uncommon ideas are coming upon me! I cannot fail in Jesus name!” ODM SOFT COPY FROM OUR WEBSITE To order a soft copy of OUR DAILY MANNA, visit our website: www.ourdailymannaworldwide.org

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. Lord, give me Holy Ghost-inspired ideas. I shall not die wasted.
2. Pray about today and pray on any other matter as led.
You can go to a quiet place often! Pray and write down ideas when you are alone! Dare to do what someone has not done before. 2023 is your year!



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