Our Daily Manna 29 December 2022 – I SHALL COME OUT STRONGER!

Our Daily Manna 29 December 2022 – I SHALL COME OUT STRONGER!

Our Daily Manna 29 December 2022 – I SHALL COME OUT STRONGER!


Have you discovered that it is possible for two people to go through the same experience and come out differently?
One man’s experience can cause him to curse God and speak ugly/nasty things to Him; and yet that same experience will cause another man to develop a stronger and more intimate relationship with God. Think about Joshua, Caleb and the remaining ten spies.

They all walked through the length and breadth of the land of Canaan for forty days, but when they came back, their experience had sorted them out into two categories. Joshua and Caleb came back with a spirit full of faith, but the remaining ten spies were full of fear and failure.

The question the Spirit of God is asking you as 2022 ends is: When you pass through those tough times, WILL YOU COME OUT STRONGER? What will be your fate? Maybe you are in a tough situation now and you are losing strength and hope; it is time to renew yourself.


Lock yourself up with God, with His Word and with His Spirit. THEY THAT WAIT UPON THE LORD SHALL RENEW THEIR STRENGTH. Wait On The Lord; Let Him Renew Your Strength And Make Sure You Come Out Of The Other Side Of This Challenge A Stronger Person. You Were Destined To Win, Nothing Will Reverse That Destiny, In Jesus name!

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PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 2: Draw me nearer…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. I shall not be a VICTIM of circumstances! I shall come out stronger, bigger and wiser! God of victory, open my eyes and cause me to see the greatness of Your power!
3. The voice of fear and failure stole the victory and inheritance of the ten spies. As 2022 ends, every evil voice speaking to steal my inheritance; GO DUMB NOW in Jesus name (Pray it very well for 2 days as led).
4. As 2022 ends, every “roaring lion” threatening me and trying to stop me from possessing my possessions, be paralysed NOW in Jesus name. Pray about today!


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