Our Daily Manna 27 December 2022 – WHAT IS COMING IS BETTER! RELEASE THE HURT!

Our Daily Manna 27 December 2022 – WHAT IS COMING IS BETTER! RELEASE THE HURT!


There are some baggages that will not allow you to end 2022 in divine grandstyle and they will hinder your travel on the glorious path of 2023. Those things will either slow you down, or they will derail your course. Today’s scripture makes it clear that “YOU CANNOT HOLD ON TO HURT AND OFFENSES AND EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO RECEIVE ANYTHING FROM GOD.” If you don’t forgive, you will never be able to receive forgiveness and that means all your 2023 prayers ARE IN VAIN.

Wow! As you end 2022, deal with every hurt and offense. You must not carry the hurt of 2022 into 2023. 2023 is a year in which RESULTS WILL CANCEL INSULTS! IT IS A NEW CHAPTER IN THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE/MINISTRY. IT’S A FRESH CHAPTER, AND GOD IS SAYING THAT HE WANTS TO DO NEW THINGS IN YOUR LIFE. DON’T LET THAT HURT OF 2022 STOP HIM.


No matter how hurt you are in 2022, don’t allow it to become your waterloo. Hurtful words may have been spoken to you and about you, but don’t allow them STOP YOU! As 2022 ends, don’t let the ugly things of the year drag you back! It’s time to release the hurt and move forward to enjoy God’s best, because God is on your side! Hear Mary Pickford: “The past cannot be changed.

The future is yet in your power.” I remember this Arabic proverb: “What is coming is better than what is gone.” Why would someone else cause you to be bitter and to stop THE GREAT THINGS COMING AHEAD OF YOU? Forgive! Let go and let God because what is coming is BETTER!

It Takes A Year To Prepare For The January World Anointing Night. Let God Use You! People’s Testimonies Shall Provoke Your Own. Sow Your World Anointing Night Seed To: Manna Miracle Mountain Ministry (Jwan) Uba Acct No: 1015310823. Zenith Bank Acct. No: 1016947468 or any account on Page 29 of this booklet.

PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 3: Showers of blessing…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led.
2. I release forgiveness to the following people or person (mention names if applicable).
3. Every demonic programme designed to REPEAT the hurt and pain of 2022 in my life, CATCH FIRE NOW!
4. Every negative weight that has been delaying and derailing me; LOOSE YOUR GRIP OVER ME AND CATCH FIRE NOW, in Jesus name.
5. Pray about today now. Use pages 7-9 prayers today!


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