Our Daily Manna 15 November 2022 – THE TWO SWITCHES YOU MUST CONFRONT DAILY!

Our Daily Manna 15 November 2022 – THE TWO SWITCHES YOU MUST CONFRONT DAILY!


Worrying is one of the most destructive things a man can engage in. No wonder Dan Zadra quipped, “Worry is a misuse of imagination.” When you worry, what you are doing in effect is that you are imagining the negative things that can happen in the future.

As a pharmacist, what I’ve discovered is that: The Same Energy It Takes To Sit Down And ‘Imagine The Negative Things That Can Happen In The Future’ Is What It Takes To Sit Down And ‘Imagine The Positive Things That The Future Holds’. The difference is this: WORRYING SAPS YOU OF YOUR PRECIOUS ENERGY, WHILE MEDITATING IN THE WORD OF GOD AND IN HIS RICH PROMISES INFUSES YOU WITH STRENGTH.

The question the Holy Ghost is asking you again today is: “What do you stand to gain by worrying?” It’s possible that 2022 may not have gone the way you planned or prayed it, and the temptation to worry is great, BUT IT IS NOT IRRESISTIBLE.


That’s why today’s scripture Vs. 15 makes it clear: “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.” It means, ALLOW OR PERMIT PEACE TO REPLACE WORRY! Remember Pat Schroeder, “You can’t wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time.” If you want to be valuable to God, to your family and friends, and to the world at large, you have to develop the ability to RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO WORRY or get ANXIOUS about that DELAY, etc.

If you want your faith to work, you have to turn off the worry switch and turn on the TRUST switch. These are the two switches you must confront daily! Instead of worrying, commit the issue into God’s mighty hands and then fill your mind with His great and unfailing promises (See pages 37 & 38). Let those promises build up new strength! As you meditate on God’s promises, you will be energised to move forward into the future that you desire. JUST REFUSE TO QUIT! Hold on and turn on the TRUST SWITCH! Today is my Birthday! Pray for me, my family and this ODM Vision as led.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Draw me nearer…
1. I turn on the switch of FAITH/TRUST and I reject the ANXIETY/WORRY switch concerning my tomorrow!
2. Pray now and pull down every stronghold of worry and anxiety in your mind. Decree this: “I trust in the Lord with all my heart, and I refuse to be moved.”
3. Every evil arrow designed to hurt me and slow down my progress, CATCH FIRE AND BE DESTROYED NOW, in Jesus name.
4. I decree: I AM UNSTOPPABLE! I shall finish 2022 well in
Jesus name.


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