Our Daily Manna 28 October 2022 -WORLD AGREEMENT/VIGIL PRAYER DAY!

Our Daily Manna 28 October 2022 -WORLD AGREEMENT/VIGIL PRAYER DAY!


Share this good news with me today and get ready for yours: “Good morning sir, God of ODM has done it for me; my 14-day fast was not in vain. The Finger of God has wiped away my tears. For 3 years, I wrote different exams and failed all. Sometime last month, a lady testified of how she wrote an international exam. Knowing that she didn’t do well, she used the Agreement Prayer page booklet and prayed! Then finally, she passed. I keyed into that testimony and I used the Agreement page every day for weeks (before and after my exam).


I sowed my “Finger of God, Arise For Me Seed” and another seed for my IELTS exam. Sir, God bless you for me; I passed even more than my expectations, more than the university required score. “Jehovah Overdo” has given me an overpouring testimony, that when I saw it I cried for joy. Sir, please help me share my testimony! I promised God that I would send in my testimony and also sow another seed, which I will do and send in the receipt immediately.


Please withhold my identity. Thank you Sir. From E. W.” Thank God who fetches water with a basket to disgrace the bucket! He is the God that can do and undo! He is the God over whom TIME HAS NO CONTROL! He is the God that disgraces DELAY and turns it into DANCING! As 2022 ends, agree with me daily, standing on Vs. 19 of today’s scripture and using the Agreement Prayer page (Center page) of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN BOOKLET – 17.” Do so today and today’s scripture Vs. 19 will manifest in your life/destiny!

Pray seriously now!(ODM is the best gift Item). TONIGHT IS OCTOBER WORLD VIGIL DAY! 10PM Just ONE SERVICE – 10pm Nigeria Time. TODAY IS DAY 6 Of MONTHLY7-DAY PRAYERS! JOIN OUR WORLD VIGIL DAY!(Declare a Fast 6am-3pm today!) Connect viaFACEBOOK: ourdailymannaworldwide;YOUTUBE: Manna TV International. THREE “I WILL GET THERE” MIRACLE PRAYER POINTS PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of praise as led now.
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. Father, disgrace every delay in my life and turn it to glorious
dancing in Jesus name. Pray for the testifier!
3. LORD, I stand on Your Word(Matthew 18: 19) and as I place my hands on the AGREEMENT PRAYER PAGE OF “WAR AGAINST HAMAN” BOOKLET in agreement with Your servant Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe, I pray that the following issue(s) of my destiny be fulfilled and THEY SHALL MANIFEST in Jesus name (mention them now and pray seriously)! I see 349 miracles today!
4. Rejoice now and thank Jehovah God for answered prayers! Pray in Tongues now! More Yokes are breakingNOW!

5. Pray about today! They shall be permanent in Jesus name


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