Our Daily Manna 20 October 2022 – EVEN WHEN SHE HAS FORGOTTEN!

Our Daily Manna 20 October 2022 – EVEN WHEN SHE HAS FORGOTTEN!


Testimony: “Dear Bishop Dr. Chris, please help me thank God who gave me my Divine Surprise testimony. Two days ago, a man that I helped, trained and nurtured as a child sent me an alert of N150,000 naira as a gift. For years, I did not know his whereabouts, not knowing that God had blessed him.

By divine providence, on finishing school, the company who employed him sent him overseas and according to his mother, he is now a successful young man. He was a humble, studious boy. To God be the glory! I consider this as my first Divine Surprise.


I have paid 15,000 naira into ODM Account. (1013934953) as the tithe accruing from that money. ODM deserves it. I thank the God of ODM (KATE- CALABAR, ODM USER!! ([email protected]).” Note the fact that this testfier helped to train and nurture this child! Secondly, years passed and there was no communication between her and this child/family. Always know that NO GOOD YOU DO IS LOST and NO EVIL DONE TO YOU WILL BE FORGOTTEN BY GOD!

Your haters will be paid back in their own coin. KARMA is a bitch and they cannot escape! So keep doing good in wisdom as unto the LORD! DELAY IS NOT A DENIAL because GOD WILL SURPRISE YOU in ways you least expect! Close with this: From Hebrews 10: 23, there are times when you think that the good you have done is forgotten!

Yes! There are seasons when you think your fasting and prayers are lost! But never forget that God is too faithful to fail (Hebrews 10: 23)! Pray seriously now because that testimony is coming! I see it! It Takes A Year To Prepare For The January World Anointing Night. Let God Use You! People’s Testimonies Shall Provoke Your Own. Sow Your World Anointing Night Seed To: Manna Miracle Mountain Ministry (Jwan) Uba Acct No: 1015310823. Zenith Bank Acct. No: 1016947468 Or Any Account On Page 29 Of This Booklet. PRAYER POINTS:

Take any song of worship as led now.

1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. You are too faithful to fail! Help me to trust You even when my faith is wavering!
3. Lord, You do not break Your promises! You are faithful to Your promises, therefore I declare today that I shall never end in shame and no delay shall stop me in Jesus name.
4. I arise against every DELAY and DEPRESSION AGENT NOW! Loose me AND GO now! I shall testify because He is faithful that has promised!
5. Worship the LORD now for answered prayers and manifestation in Jesus name.
6. Scatter every plan to send DEPRESSION and self-pity to consume you!
7. Pray about today and about any other issue(s) affectingyour


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