Our Daily Manna 14 October 2022 – HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN! IT IS COMING!

Our Daily Manna 14 October 2022 – HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN! IT IS COMING!


For hundreds of years Enoch, the only righteous man in his generation, preached the Word and taught people around him, ‘The Lord is coming…” But no one believed him! Wow! Noah faced the same challenge with his generation too. He told them again and again, “Judgement is coming. Jehovah will flood this earth with rain and every living thing will die.


Only those in this ark will be safe.” They laughed him to scorn, but he refused to be discouraged! For many years, Abraham waited for the child that God promised him. Sarah hoped, dreamed and longed for that day when many would come to rejoice with her. She was tired of delivering her servantgirls and maids of babies. SHE WANTED HER OWN BABY.

Everytime she talked to her husband about it, Abraham would take her out under the skies and tell her to look at the stars! He would say: “THE BABY IS COMING.” I don’t know what you have been trusting God for all these years and it seems as if “God is too busy” with many other things and many other people! The Holy Ghost is saying to you today: GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU.

HE CANNOT! As 2022 is ending, He has told me to announce to you today that favour is coming your way. That good thing that you desire and long for is coming (See Habakkuk 2: 2-3)! Promotion is coming! Victory is coming! The mercy and goodness of God will speak for you again and again.

YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND, in Jesus name. If you feel like giving up today, be encouraged in Jesus name. You are not alone; you are not forgotten. God’s Word will be established in your life and men/women will celebrate with you, in Jesus name. REE “I WILL GET THERE” MIRACLE SEE PAGE 39 FOR ODM PRICE INCREASE REVIEW!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Showers of blessing…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word.
2. I cancel every demonic plan to postpone my promotion; SCATTER BY FIRE NOW, in Jesus name.
3. I UPROOT DEPRESSION and self -pity now!
4. Every spirit of delayed breakthrough, delayed blessings, delayed progress, loose your grip over my life and ministry, in Jesus name.
5. I receive fresh strength to hold on to God’s Word until my change comes. I shall not be discouraged in Jesus name.
6. Pray about today now. Cancel a suicide attempt!


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