Our Daily Manna 12 October 2022 – THEY HAD 208 SECONDS BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH

Our Daily Manna 12 October 2022 – THEY HAD 208 SECONDS BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH


Yesterday, we looked at the story that was called “MIRACLE ON THE HUDSON RIVER.” That miraculous escape is a testimony to the fact that God is indeed at work in the affairs of men.

If God could cause things to work together for the safety of more than one hundred and fifty people that were on that airplane, why can’t He do the same thing for you? The captain of that airline was just the right man for the job, and he was at the right place at the right time. Reports after the crash had it that just after the engines of the plane stopped working, Captain Sullenberger and his crew had just about 208 seconds to land the plane or else everyone on board would die. Wow!


208 seconds! His experience in flying, his training as a psychologist, his level of preparation and of course, the sovereign hand of God that was upon him and all those in that plane saved the day. Our first scripture Vs. 11, makes it clear that God is the one who works all things after the counsel of His will. His will is for you to prosper and end well!

His will is for you to enjoy the wholeness of peace! And guess what? He knows just what to do at every point in time to make sure that His will is fulfilled. He knows how to make sure that the right person/people is/are at the right place at the right time JUST FOR YOU. Dont forget, all they had was 208 seconds and God showed up in 208 seconds! You will never end as an abandoned property because God has your back! Amen and amen! Pray seriously now! (Give out ODM COPIES! With the recent price increase, help someone to still get a copy. Let God use you)! (Give out ODM COPIES as led).

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PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 1: When the morning comes…
1. In your own words, pray seriously about today’s word.
2. Thank you Father for Your unfailing love for me. NOTHING will ever stop me from enjoying that love.
3. Jehovah “the 208 seconds God,”THE ON-TIME GOD; SUPERVISE my life and direct it into the fullness of Your purpose for me. You are the God of the last minute miracle. Show up for me in this last quarter of 2022 (Pray it for 5 days seriously and pray inTONGUES).
4. I decree: Every plot of the enemy to take over the driver’s seat of my life, family/marital story and ministry; Crash and SCATTER BY FIRE NOW, in Jesus name.
5. Pray about today! Pray about this new quarter!


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