Our Daily Manna 11 October 2022 – PILOT SULLENBERGER: BE CALM AND TRUST HIM!

Our Daily Manna 11 October 2022 – PILOT SULLENBERGER: BE CALM AND TRUST HIM!

Our Daily Manna 11 October 2022 – PILOT SULLENBERGER: BE CALM AND TRUST HIM!


Thursday, 15 January 2009 started like every other day for the veteran Captain Chesley Sullenberger. Up till that day, he had flown planes for thousands of hours, first for the United States Air Force, and then for commercial airlines. He had been involved in conducting accident investigations and had done a lot of study on the psychology of keeping an airline crew functioning during a crisis. For forty two years, his flights had been routine. But this one flight was going to be different and unusual.

It was as if God was getting him prepared for what was going to take place on that day, something which the Governor of New York described as “Miracle on the Hudson river.” Shortly after taking off from the airport, a flock of geese hit his airplane and the two engines of the airplane stopped functioning. It was devastating! It was unexpected, BUT PILOT SULLENBERGER WAS PREPARED. He tried to restart the engines but they would not work. Almost immediately, the plane began to lose altitude fast.


They were flying over the densely populated area of Bronx in New York city. It was going to be catastrophic. Pilot Sullenberger quickly thought of the options available and the best thing he came up with was to glide the plane and crash land it into the Hudson river. It was something that had never been done before. It was not a movie.

It was a real situation, involving real-life people. He manoeuvred the airplane and within a few minutes, he was able to safely land the plane on the Hudson RIVER which was in the middle of the city. All the 155 people who were on board survived the crash. PREPARATION! That was the key. He remained calm throughout the whole event and was able to save the lives of hundreds of people on board and the lives of thousands of people on the ground. As 2022 ends, get prepared.


Stay calm! Isaiah 30:15 says: “For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; ‘In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength….” No matter how 2022 has been, DON’T PANIC! STOP THE FEAR OF YOUR FUTURE! God has a plan! Don’t disappoint the hundreds and thousands of people that God has destined to use you to reach! I decree over you today: Delay is not denial! Your chance for greatness will come, and when it comes YOU WILL NOT FAIL, in Jesus name! Stay calm! Trust God! Hold and hold out! I have just been told: You will end with a DANCE! SEE PAGE 39 FOR ODM PRICE INCREASE REVIEW!

PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 3: Showers of blessing…
1. I choose to be CALM and to trust God! I shall not murmur or fail! And I shall never end in shame in Jesus name.
2. As 2022 ends this quarter, every demonic plot to crush my testimonies before it matures, scatter by fire NOW


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