Our Daily Manan 8 October 2022 – THE PROTOCOL BREAKER IS ON DUTY!

Our Daily Manan 8 October 2022 – THE PROTOCOL BREAKER IS ON DUTY!

Our Daily Manan 8 October 2022 – THE PROTOCOL BREAKER IS ON DUTY!


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“Good morning Daddy…I just finished listening to the vigil on the prayers from “Sorry to congratulations” and I was stirred up in my spirit to share my testimony. Of a truth Daddy, what “JEHOVAH OVERDO” cannot do does not exist. I was done with National Service in 2017 and since then, I have been in search of a job.


I thank God because one of your regular sayings then was that God is “Jehovah Overdo” and Jehovah the PROTOCOL BREAKER and ever since then, I have keyed into that by faith. Last year May 2021, I sat for a job exam and the result came out and I scored 44% and it was clearly stated that only those who scored 50% and above will be called for the interview.

I felt a bit low, but the Spirit of God just strengthened me and I summoned courage and felt that God could still break protocol for me if it was His will. And that was what my God did! On June 5th 2021, I was called to come for the interview of that same job and God granted me His favour and He gave me a pass. On October 7th 2021, at 3:07pm, I got a message on my phone instructing me to come and pick up my appointment letter for the job. Oh!

The joy that flowed through my heart… I return all the glory to God. Of a truth, our God is a protocol breaker. Thank you so much Daddy for obeying the call of God. May the Lord continue to bless and prosper the ministry. I do mention you in my prayers because I love you so much Dad. May you forever be a blessing to our generation sir…and Heaven at last for us all. Amen.


Please sir, do hide my identity – From Sister CM”. As we lift our hands to praise the LORD, never forget that END-OF-YEAR PROTOCOL WILL BE BROKEN FOR YOU! I see career and financial protocol being broken! I see marital protocol being broken! The rules of visas/immigration shall be broken for your sake! I see your life, family and ministry BREAKING RECORDS after the order of Ephraim! Pray seriously now! (Give out an ODM copy next week). ONLINE – “MORNING FIRE with Bishop Chris” – Today 7am (Nigeria time) via Facebook & Youtube.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Draw me nearer…

1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. Oh LORD my GOD, as 2022 ends, break every protocol for my life, family and ministry in Jesus name.
3. LORD, change the rules for my sake as 2022 comes to an end.
4. Scatter every satanic plan to STAGNATE and DEMOTE you as 2022 comes to end (pray it seriously).
5. Pray in TONGUES NOW concerning the remaining days of 2022.
6. Pray about today and about any other issue(s) affecting
your peace.


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