Our Daily Manan 3 October 2022 – THE JAPANESE DEATH! HE WAS NOT THE FIRST – 2

Our Daily Manan 3 October 2022 – THE JAPANESE DEATH! HE WAS NOT THE FIRST – 2


As the news of the death of ex- Japanese prime minister flowed into the AIR WAVES worldwide, the Lord began to speak to me! The Holy Ghost wants you to know that your long life covenant with God does not depend on how many policemen or secret service security personnel are positioned to guard you! LONG LIFE IS A GIFT FROM GOD!

Life and death are not necessarily due to the laws of your country! Shootings are extremely rare in Japan because of strict gun ownership laws: In 2018, Japan, a country of 125 million people, only reported nine deaths from firearms — compared with 39,740 deaths that year in the United States. Under Japan’s Firearms Laws, the only guns permitted for sale are shotguns and air rifles — handguns are outlawed.


But getting them is a long and complicated process that requires strenuous effort — and lots of patience. The laws and the thorough process of background checks have kept the number of private gun owners in Japan extremely low. Yet this shooter was able to kill the ex- prime minister! The shooter was Mr Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, who was an ex- navy personnel.

So he was able to manufacture his own gun in his bedroom. Wow!How do you stop a man who was an ex-Navy officer making a local gun in his bedroom? As 2022 ends, determine to look to the hills from whence cometh your security! Watch and pray and pray! Pray! Pray! I decree that every end-of –year bad news shall PASS OVER YOU in Jesus name! The LORD’S MERCY will preserve, keep and locate you for good! (Give out ODM COPIES as led). ODM WILL NOT DIE! SEE PAGE 39 CONCERNINGTHE PRICE INCREASE! PRAY FOR US! Never miss “THE MORNING FIRE with Bishop Chris” on Wednesdays(6.30am) and Saturdays(7 am; both Nigeria times). Log on to these prophetic prayers-to-start-your-day, via our new official FACEBOOK PAGE – “OUR DAILY MANNA WORLDWIDE” & YouTube: “Manna TV International.”

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Showers of blessing…

1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. Pray Psalm 17: 8 (21 times today)!
3. I decree that I shall see the last day of this year and beyond!
4. Lord, keep me as the apple of Your eyes from all evil agenda of death and shame.
5. Lord, as 2022 ends, help me not to put my eyes on men for my security!
6. Lord, deliver my life, family and ministry from END OF YEAR TEARS AND SORROW!
7. Lord, send Your angels to POLICE my daily life, ministry and family! We shall be delivered from all troubles and we shall end in GOOD NEWS ARENA in Jesus name.
8. Lord, turn every planned BAD NEWS TO SUPER GOOD NEWS for me as 2022 ends (pray it seriously).
9. Pray about today and about any other issue(s) affecting  your peace!


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