A man was trailed and he kept on escaping until he was caught up with death when he least expected it. In 1968 in Canada, two gunmen entered a bar where Richard Blass, a gangster, was and shot him several times.

Richard was able to escape unscathed.Two weeks later, he was tracked in a Montreal suburb. The motel was set on fire and three people died, but Richard Blass escaped again. In October that year, Richard Blass was injured by shots to the head and back after being ambushed inside a garage.

He was still able to escape driving through the garage door. Blass was hospitalized for his wounds. Then in the next year, January 1969, a bungled bank robbery and a shot cop, put Blass in jail.

Within the first year of serving four consecutive terms of ten years in jail, Blass managed to escape. He was caught, thrown back into jail, and escaped a second time. With a spurt of freedom and blood in his eyes, he set out and killed two people.

Everyone else in the bar was locked in and the place set on fire. He escaped again! Three days later, Blass’ death finally came when he was shot 23 times. During his life, Blass was given the nickname, “The Cat” because of his luck in evading death. But eventually, his D-day came and the man died!

What the Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional is that: NEVER JOKE WITH THE MERCY OF GOD! Don’t continue to live in sin so that grace may bound! Oh, hear this as my (our) “3 FRIENDS” swoop on me with holy fire: THE WARNINGS AND MERCY OF GOD ARE NOT FOREVER! The Lord says, STOP IT NOW or TEARS will be your name!

I see about a thousand ODM users who are living in various sins but there is a fierce warning today because I also see 25 CHRONIC SICKNESSES and 84 COFFINS due to stubborness and refusal to repent. I am led to repeat: THE WARNINGS AND MERCY OF GOD ARE NOT FOREVER!

When there is a delay of mercy and judgment, never take God for granted (Ecclesiastes 8:11-13). Never say in your heart, “I shall not be moved.” Never say: “I shall not be caught or judged.” Yes, you are not paying tithes but getting “blessed.” You live in malice and bitterness yet all seems to be well.

You may be fornicating or swimming in adultery but your hands seem to prosper or you may be living a life of disobedience and secret sin, even as the waters around you seem very calm for now, but hear this: When God shows you favour, time and time again, it is for you to learn righteousness and beware (Isaiah 26:10).

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Blessed assurance…
1. Lord, I repent from every secret sin today (mention them now). Our Daily Manna 28th JUNE 2022 – LESSONS FROM MR BLASS!
In this year 2022, I shall not frustrate the grace of God. I shall not take His MERCY for granted.
Sin shall not be my TOLLGATE/BLOCKER this year!
Pray seriously about today as led now.


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