The Virunga Mountains are located in Central Africa at the intersection of Uganda, Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo.

The mountains have volcanic slopes which are lush with tropical forests and diverse mammals, avian species (birds) and reptiles. It is estimated that there are 700 or so remaining Mountain Gorillas all over the world and half of them live in the Virunga Mountains.

National Park is home to about 200 of these gorillas. Unfortunately, this park is sandwiched between the 1994 Rwandan genocide and the brutal civil war in Congo, and it has become a battle ground for militia groups and the Congolese.

Furthermore, severe poverty in that region has pushed poachers (hunters) into the park to hunt for gorillas for meat and sale. The local people also generate income by cutting down trees to make charcoal thus wreaking havoc on the critical habitat. Although efforts have been made to conserve the endangered gorillas, in 2007, some of them were still lost.

All of these make the future and the survival of these gorillas an uncertainty. This is the very opposite of what every child of God using today’s devotional is. There is a sure and certain future for you AND IN THIS YEAR 2022 YOU WILL NOT BE STRANDED.

Though things may be rough/tough right now and they may not look exactly what you expect, there is an assurance about your tomorrow. God cares and your future is sure. He is the God with the 7 eyes and He sees the end from the beginning!

I call Him “Jehovah THE BULLDOZER” and He has moved into your future to bulldoze away any event/circumstance that will cause SHAME, DISGRACE or wipe you out at last! He says the very hairs of your head are all numbered (Luke 12:7). Do not worry about tomorrow because He has taken care of it.

As today’s scripture says, He thinks good thoughts towards you to bring you to an expected end. You have a colourful and bright future and you are certainly not like the endangered Virunga gorillas! Peace!

Theme: “LORD, MOVE ME FROM ‘SORRY’ TO ‘CONGRATULATIONS”(Come with your water, anointing oil and your business or office points of contact!) Connect via FACEBOOK : ourdailymannaworldwide; YOUTUBE : Manna TV International. Time: 8pm Nigeria Time.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Blessed assurance…

Millions died last night! Thank God for keeping you alive till today.
Oh God, disgrace every enemy of my future in Jesus name.
I command every plan of wicked powers to EXPIRE MY FUTURE; dry up in Jesus name.
I decree today: My future CANNOT be corrupted.I must get to my EXPECTED END in Jesus name (Pray it seriously for 3 days).
Pray about today seriously as led now!


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