I welcome you to the presence of Jehovah Unchangeable, the God who CREATES DIVINE SHORTCUTS to HIS DIVINE SURPRISE RAIN OF TESTIMONIES! I want you to say no to doubt and unbelief as you go through the powerful testimony below which was shared a while ago: “Dear Pastor, I accompanied my daughter to the USA where she went to put to bed.

Her pregnancy was quite a turbulent one which kept me constantly on my knees in prayer. On the eve of her delivery, I was extremely anxious and was desperately looking for someone to agree with. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone; then the Lord reminded me of the AGREEMENT PAGE IN THE “WAR AGAINST HAMAN BOOKLET.” I quickly turned to the page and placed my hands on it and prayed in faith. I also made a vow that if she should deliver safely, I will testify.

To the glory of God, my daughter gave birth to two bouncing baby girls. Mother and children are doing very well and God also granted us safe journey back to our country. PRAISE THE LORD!

aomolaraeni [email protected]” The LORD reminded me of this testimony and asked me to use it in today’s devotional for the sake of somebody and a family! She used the AGREEMENT PAGE on page 55 of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN” booklet and the LORD did what He knows to do best – DIVINE SURPRISE TESTIMONY RAIN – twins! There is power in AGREEMENT PRAYERS!

The sand was the point of contact concerning the blind man in today’s 1st scripture. I see God using today’s testimony as a powerful point of contact for giving several ODM users fresh DIVINE SURPRISES, miracles/wonders. You shall testify as we agree together regularly this year.

THE 2022 ANNUAL 14-DAY WORLDWIDE PRAYER and FASTING PROGRAM BEGINS SUNDAY JULY 10th 2022 ends SATURDAY JULY 23rd, 2022. Get your “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 17” and next ODM booklet NOW and start preparing! It would be our first physical gathering

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led now.

My Father God, in line with Matthew 18: 19, I agree with Your
servant, Bishop Chris, concerning the following issues of
my destiny (mention them now and pray it daily for
7 days).
LORD GOD; make me Your divine surprise showroom.
Lord, as I use page 55 of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN- 17”
prayers to agree with Your servant, let there be manifestation.
Thank You LORD for what You will do.
Thank God for answered prayers! Declare 21 times now: I
shall NEVER end in disgrace in Jesus name.
I decree: From this day, my haters shall fight themselves and
EXPOSE THEMSELVES in Jesus name (Pray it for 2 days).
Pray about today as led now. Pray pages 7-9 prayers.


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