Welcome to today’s devotion. Let me share with you a testimony from a sister for whom God made a way where there seemed to be NO WAY! “After I prayed the Agreement Prayer on page 56 of “War Against Harman – 17” concerning my marriage certificate that I had misplaced, glory to God I saw it where I had already checked.

I agreed that someone that showed interest in my goods online should order for it; to the glory of God, he paid and ordered for it. Thank you Lord Jesus! Sir, more of God’s anointing and grace on you in Jesus name.

Amen! Warm regards sir, my name is Ugbo Faith; I also sat for an international exam last 3 weeks. After the exams based on my own assessment, I knew I couldn’t pass. I came back and cried to God and engaged in this fasting program. To my greatest surprise, the result came out and the areas I didn’t do well was where I got the highest marks. God is too faithful to fail. ([email protected]).”

Glory be to God indeed. HUMANLY SPEAKING, there was no way for her! HUMANLY SPEAKING, she stood no chance! HUMANLY SPEAKING, her new name in that exam would have been FAILURE/ REPROACH! This year, the LORD will cause you to OVERTAKE!

Your areas of weakness will become your areas of WINNING because you will know that GRACE IS AT WORK! Stop that anxiety and depression! By agreeing with me and my “3 FRIENDS” (The TRINITY) via the “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 17” booklet, she found her missing wedding ring in the same place she had been searching fruitlessly!

I believe ANGELS WERE ON DUTY and that will be your story this year! I prophesy: Where there seems to be NO WAY this year, GOD WILL SURPRISE YOU! In this year 2022, God will qualify you! What was missing shall be restored in a SHOCKING/UNBELIEVABLE MANNER!

Today’s Word says you should not fear reproach because He (JEHOVAH) is the one who comforts you. God is taking your name out of the register of reproach and planting your name in the register of respect in Jesus name.

Be expectant and begin to learn new dancing steps as you LOG INTO TONIGHT’S ONLINE REPROACHBREAKING PRAYERS via FACEBOOK: ourdailyworldwide and YOUTUBE: Manna TV International. 8pm Nigeria Time! Laugh now!

ONLINE – “I AM MORE THAN THIS! PHARAOH MUST DIE! ” begins today ! (Fast 6am-3pm daily). TODAY IS DAY 1 Of THE MONTHLY 7-DAY PRAYERS which ends with the anointing service of next Sunday! (Come with your water, anointing oil and your business or office points of contact!)

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Blessed assurance…
Pray about today’s word generally as led now.
Father, Take Away Anything That Is Called FAILURE or that Looks Like Reproach From My Life, Family and Ministry Today And during these 7- day ONLINE DAILY PRAYERS In Jesus Name (Pray it seriously for 7 days).
Pray about today!


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