DAY 20 MARCH 2022 – WHY LORD? – 1

DAY 20 MARCH 2022 – WHY LORD? – 1

Welcome to our devotional encounter with heaven again. Manypeople are unable to accept why God can permit suffering even if He does not cause it. In the process, many fall into grave doubt and confusion. A Jewish scholar, David Wolf Silverman, once wrote: “If God is to be intelligible in some manner, then His goodness must be compatible with the existence of evil and this is only if He is not all powerful.”

Others, unable to explain why even believers sometimes suffer, have gone to the extent of denying the existence of suffering or existence of satan. Hear this: “If sin, sickness and death were understood as nothingness, they would just disappear.” Just disappear? No! Satan does not understand that language! Hear Mary Baker: “Evil and sufffering are illusions (false beliefs)

and have no real basis.” Yet to others, God has lost control of the affairs of man and the world. Some have claimed that since God is all-powerful, He must ultimately be responsible for suffering. None of the above is correct. 1 Peter 4:12 declares without apology: “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing happened to you.” Note the

words, “not strange” and “fiery.” That means, your battles are not strange and sometimes, they could be fiery (very harsh)! Oh yes, I can write a book that will fill every space in your country on that! I HAVE BEEN THROUGH FIERY TRIALS! Note: Abraham, Moses, Daniel, Elisha, Elijah and other prophets were tried. All religions on earth today, no matter how blind they are, agree that trials are the process of purification. Stop asking questions! Those who ask: “WHY LORD?” often do not see the “WHEN” of the blessing! In this year 2022, wait on the Lord in any trial! It is normal and you are coming out better because, clouds of testing can bring showers of blessings! Take grace! Disappoint the devil and hold on against all ODDS! This is your year! Pray now! TONIGHT 8PM – OPERATION-SETTLE-YOUR-WEEK WITH GOD! Via FACEBOOK LIVE: “ourdailymannaworldwide” PROPHETIC RAIN ONLINE PRAYER SERVICE: Be ready to pray! Sometimes I am led to call NAMES and release a Prophetic WORD /direction/ Warning for those who log in. Time: 8pm (Nigeria Time).

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Blessed assurance…

1. Millions died yesterday! Thank God for LIFE!

2. Commit your ways and present your trials (if any) to God now.

3. Whether the devil likes it or not, my joy and laughter shall not cease. My best is coming out of every pain in Jesus name (Pray it very well 3 times daily for 5 days).

4. Pray for believers going through one form of trial or the other, all over the world today. Release grace! Pray for your family today


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