Our Daily Bread for 5 March 2022 – Safe Hands

Our Daily Bread for 5 March 2022 – Safe Hands

Because you are my protection and protect me from fear and worries. [ Psalm 32:7 ]
Doug Merkey‘s life tore like a rickety rope with every stroke of fate. “My mother had lost her long battle with cancer; a long-standing love affair ended; my finances were exhausted;

my calling was nebulous… The emotional and spiritual darkness around me and within me was deep and paralyzing and seemingly impenetrable,” the pastor and sculptor described his situation. These dramatic events combined with the dreary life in a cramped attic provided the framework for his sculpture The Hiding Place.

It shows the strong hands of Christ, furrowed by nails, which he openly holds together as a place of safety.



Doug explains his artwork as follows: The “sculpture represents Jesus’ invitation to take refuge in him”. In Psalm 32, David writes as someone who has found the ultimate safe place – God Himself. God offers us the forgiveness of our sins (vv. 1-5) and encourages us to pray in the midst of storms (v. 6). In verse 7 the psalmist expresses his trust in God: “You are my protector and keep me from fear and anxiety. You make me rejoice at my salvation.

Who do you turn to when problems arise? How good it is to know that when the ailing cords of our earthly existence begin to snap, we can run to the God who has given us eternal security through the forgiving work of Jesus.

What does it mean to you to have refuge, safety and forgiveness in Jesus? How can He give you what you need for your worries, fears and burdens?
Father, you know the times I’ve tried to make my life right without you. Help me abandon my misguided plans for safety and run to you quickly.

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