It was Max Lucado who jested: “The importance of life; the squandered long periods of life; the unfortunate decisions of life; God answers the wreck of existence with single word: “Effortlessness.” GRACE is God’s solution for your past wreck or mistakes!

Be that as it may, HIS GRACE OPERATES BY HIS FREE PROMISES: STAND ON THEM, DECLARE THEM AND LIVE BY THEM THIS YEAR! William Carey thought: “what’s to come is just about as brilliant as the guarantees of God.” Dwight L.Moody nailed everything: “God never made a guarantee that was unrealistic.” Halleluiah! In this year 2022, TRUST HIS PROMISES EVEN IN DELAY!

He will appear in His season: Consider these guarantees in the present sacred writing: Vs. 11-“See, all they that were exasperated against you will be embarrassed and puzzled: they will be as nothing; and they that endeavor with you will die.” Vs. 12 – “Thou shalt look for them, and shalt not track down them, even them that battled with you: they that conflict against you will be as nothing, and as a thing of nothing.” Amen and so be it! See Vs. 13 once more:

“For I, the LORD thy God, will hold thy right hand, saying unto you, ‘Dread not; I will help you.” Amen! HELP ME LORD as the year progressed! Versus 15 – 16: “Observe, I will make you another sharp sifting instrument having teeth: thou shalt sift the mountains, and beat them little, and shalt make the slopes as refuse.” Always pronounce: MY DIVINE TEETH WILL BITE EVERY SATANIC PLAN THIS YEAR! I will fan them, and the breeze will divert them, and the hurricane will dissipate them: and thou shalt cheer in the LORD, and shalt brilliance in the Holy One of Israel. Versus 18 – “The LORD will open streams in high places, and wellsprings amidst the valleys: I will make the wild a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water” in this year 2022. So be it and so be it! Try not to miss any release of this booklet this year – MORE PROMISES ARE LOADING

PRAYER POINTS: Take any tune of love as driven at this point.

1. O LORD, blind my foes from my SECRETS this year in Jesus name.

2. Gen. 12: 3 – And I will favor them that favor you, and revile him that curseth you… ” Lord, I am a seed of Abraham. I’m a Jew! Favor them that favor me and revile them that revile me this year in Jesus name.

3. Implore Psalm 17: 8 – Keep me, my service and family as the apple of Thy eye, conceal me under the shadow of Thy wings in this 2022 in Jesus name.

4. Isaiah 54: 15 – “See, they will definitely assemble, however not by Me: whosoever will assemble against you will succumb to thy purpose.” Lord, let everything about skeptics, FALL day by day in this year 2022 in Jesus name


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