Our Daily Bread for 26 February 2022 – Part of the Family

Our Daily Bread for 26 February 2022 – part of the family

Therefore, you are no longer strangers and disenfranchised, but you are of the believers, of God’s family. [ Ephesians 2:19 ]

The British television series Downton Abbey is about the noble Crawley family and their fate in the upheavals of the early twentieth century. One of the main characters, Tom Branson, starts out as the family’s chauffeur before (shockingly!) marrying the youngest Crawley daughter. The young couple has to go into exile. When they later return, Tom is also recognized as a family member and enjoys all the rights and privileges he was denied as an employee.

We were once “aliens and aliens” (v. 19) and without the privileges due to those of God’s family. But through Jesus all believers, no matter where they come from, are reconciled with God and belong “to God’s family” (v. 19).

That brings tremendous rights and privileges. We can “come unto God wi


thout fear and confident” (3:12) and have unlimited, unhindered access to Him. We become part of a big family, a community that carries and sustains us (vv. 19-22). Members of God’s family can help one another understand the tremendous extent of His love (3:18).

Fear and doubt can lead us to see ourselves as outsiders and not claim our privileges. But God gives us his love without any merit of his own (2:8-10). We can accept that with gratitude and amazement.

What other advantages does belonging to God’s family have? How can you come to God with confidence today?
Heavenly Father, thank you for accepting me into your family and giving me all the rights and privileges that a child of God enjoys.

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