Our Daily Bread for 25 February 2022 – Careful, door!

Our Daily Bread for 25 February 2022 – Careful, door!

The dormouse had a tingling nose. There was something delicious to eat somewhere. And indeed: the scent led her to a bird house full of nuts and seeds. The dormouse climbed down the chain, slipped through the door and ate all night. Only in the morning did she realize what she had gotten herself into. The birds pecked at her through the opening. But since she had eaten so much, her stomach was so big that she could no longer escape.



Doors can lead us to beautiful places – or to dangerous ones. A door also plays a part in Solomon’s warning about sexual temptation in Proverbs 5. Sexual sin can be tempting, he says, but if you indulge in it, danger lurks (verses 3-6). It is best to stay away because if you go through the door you are trapped, losing honor and possessions

(verses 7-11). Solomon advises us to enjoy our partner instead (verses 15-20). His counsel can also be applied to sin more broadly (vv. 21-23). Whether it is the temptation to overeat, to spend too much money, or something else, God can help us stay away from the door that traps us.


The dormouse must have been happy when the homeowner found it in the bird feeder and released it. Luckily, God’s hand is also ready to get us out of our traps. We want to ask him for strength so that we don’t have to get into it in the first place.

What “door” leads to your greatest challenge? How can you stay away from her today?
Almighty God, help me not to get near the door that leads me into the trap.

Source: https://unsertaeglichbrot.org/

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