Our Daily Bread for 24 February 2022 – Follow the line

Our Daily Bread for 24 February 2022 – Follow the line

No words. Just music and movement. During a twenty-four-hour Zumba marathon in the middle of the Corona pandemic, thousands of people around the world moved to the beat and virtually followed the leaders from India,

China, Mexico, America, South Africa, Europe and other countries across all language barriers. How was that possible? Because the instructors of this fashion trend, invented by a Colombian aerobics teacher in the mid-1990s, communicate without words. The teachers set the rhythm and the participants follow their movements.



Words are sometimes a hindrance and can create barriers. They create confusion, as does the Corinthians. Paul speaks of this in his first letter to the church. There are differences of opinion on certain issues, such as eating special foods (10:27-30). But our behavior can overcome barriers and also confusion. As Paul says in today’s text, we should show people through our actions how to follow Jesus – and seek “to please all” (10:32-33). We invite the world to believe in him as we follow Christ (11:1).

Someone once said, “Preach the gospel at all times. And if necessary, do it with words.” May Jesus show us how to live by example – “to the glory of God” (10:31).

What wordless clues are you giving to others through your behavior? How can others see Jesus in your words and actions?
Dear God and Father, thank you for the example you gave us with Jesus. Show me every day how to follow him with my words and behavior.

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