Our Daily Bread for 22 February 2022 – The friends love

Our Daily Bread for 22 February 2022 – The friends love

Amos was lively and extroverted, Daniel a loner plagued by self-doubt. But the two were good friends. For years they laughed, learned and worked together. One day they would win the Nobel Prize for their work (Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky). But at some point after a difficult argument, Daniel ended the friendship.

Three days later, Amos contacted him with terrible news. The doctors had diagnosed him with cancer and gave him only six months. It broke Daniel’s heart. “We’re friends,” he said, “and we’ll stay friends.”


Paul is an uncompromising visionary, Barnabas a soft-hearted encourager. The Holy Spirit brings them together and sends them on a missionary journey (Acts 13:2-3). They preach and plant churches until there is disagreement about Mark. Barnabas wants to give Markus a second chance. Paul says he would no longer trust him. So they separate (15:36-41).

Paul later forgives Mark. In three letters he greets him or recommends him (Col 4:10; 2 Tim 4:11; Philm 1:24). We don’t know what will become of Barnabas. Can he be reconciled with Paul? I hope so.

Try reaching out to someone you’ve fallen out with today and tell them how much they mean to you.

Who should you make up with? How do you deal with the pain when that person is no longer alive?
Father, make me realize that an important purpose in life is to love those around me.

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