TOPIC: Never Say Never

Jenny was born without legs and was abandoned in the hospital. She was adopted and it was a blessing for her, she says. “I still exist because other people have surrounded me with love.” They encouraged her not to give up and supported her in everything she set out to do. And so she became an acrobat and trapeze artist! She approaches challenges with a “how can I do it?” attitude and motivates others to do the same.
The Bible tells of many people whom God uses even though they seem incapable or unfit for the task. But God calls them anyway. Moses is a classic example. When God calls him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, he resists (3:11; 4:1) and protests, “I am not a good speaker.” God replies, “Who gave the people a mouth? Who makes people mute or deaf? … It is I, the Lord! Get on your way now. I will help you and show you what to say” (4:10-12). When Moses still protests, God sends his brother Aaron and promises to help them both (4:13-15).

Like Jenny and Moses, we all have a purpose in life – and God helps us on our way. He gives us people who support us and gives us what is necessary to live for him.