Day 18 February 2022 – SHE WAS 15 YEARS LATE!

Day 18 February 2022 – SHE WAS 15 YEARS LATE!

Day 18 February 2022 – SHE WAS 15 YEARS LATE!


There was a young woman with extraordinary magnificence and character! Be that as it may every one of her endeavors to get hitched were met all of the time by one obstruction or the other. At some point, in a meeting of petition, a godly man who was driving the supplication meeting got a prophetic word that the youngster ought to have been in her significant other’s home 15 years sooner than the time they were directing those petitions. Be that as it may, for one explanation or the other, the foe didn’t permit her day of conjugal happiness to show. Simply envision 15 years of DELAYED MANIFESTATION! In any case, say thanks to God she wedded finally! In this year 2022, stand up to each settle of underhanded assembling one DELAY or the other! Continuously recall that even Daniel against whom no evildoing was recorded in the Bible, experienced a postponement of 3 entire weeks!


THE ANGEL referred to him as: “DANIEL A MAN GREATLY BELOVED,” yet he was deferred till fights must be battled in the soul world! Enormously BELOVED, YET GREATLY DELAYED! This was on the grounds that what Daniel was to get would influence you and I: END TIME ACTIVITIES OF JEHOVAH! Satan was apprehensive! Amazing! Satan fears your GREAT STAR AND HE WOULD DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO DELAY YOUR SHINING! Do you have at least some idea that three weeks can mean life and passing of anybody?

Do you know even one day can mean crucial of a spirit/life? Hear this: One moment postponed OXYGEN upon entering the world can be connected to various circumstances that incorporate cerebral paralysis and epilepsy! Indeed! Assuming a youngster is denied of sufficient OXYGEN upon entering the world, that predetermination can be demolished until the end of time! Postpone IS SATANIC with the exception of permitted by God! ONE DAY’S DELAY is one more day’s absence of progress! Satan knows what William Shakespeare knew: DELAY HAS A DANGEROUS END! The old villain realizes that you might be deferred yet TIME WILL NOT DELAY! TIME KEEPS MOVING in light of the fact that it isn’t influenced quite a bit by! Remember the present reflection story even as you emerge today and shut down all evil postponement of 2022 and free heavenly and unexpected speed increase in Jesus name.

Supplication POINTS: Take Song 3: Blessed affirmation
1. O LORD, disperse ALL sinister postpone activities in my day to day existence and fate in Jesus name.
2. My Father, my Father, emerge and let the skeptics of my SPEED be shamed for the current year!
3. Master, speed up my predetermination concerning the accompanying parts of my life and service (notice them).
4. I reject each “GO-SLOW” bolt NOW! Each force of the malicious one causing “go-slow” in my life/service; get the roar of God now in Jesus name.
5. Ask about today as driven at this point.

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