(EXODUS 9:13, PSALM 59:16)
(PSALM 59: 16; 143: 8)
year 2022, your divine surprise testimony is tied to your
daily encounter with Jehovah the Divine Surpriser! I see
God shocking your mockers this year! This is your year! –
Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe. Pray Now!
1. Father, I thank You for this year 2022 and for what You have in store for
2. Lord, I thank You for my DIVINE SURPRISE package in this quarter
and indeed this year.
3. O God, my divine surprise testimony is not negotiable in 2022; surprise
me O Lord.
4. Psalm 103:1; I bless You Lord for allowing me another day and year to
spend with my family.
5. Psalm 118:24; I shall know no sorrow or heartache today; joy and gladness
is my portion in Jesus name.
6. Psalm 130: 3; My Father, look upon me with the eye of mercy and do
not mark my iniquities today.
7. Heb. 12:1; I receive the grace to lay aside every weight and sin that has
weighed me down in the past in Jesus name.
8. Psalm 85:10; O Lord, let mercy and truth have a meeting, righteousness
and peace kiss each other for my divine surprise today in Jesus name.
9. Job 38:12; In the name of Jesus, I command you today to release my
divinesurprise blessings and favour now by fire.
10. Vs. 12; O dayspring of goodness, peace and prosperity, flow in my
direction, and locate me today in Jesus name.
11. Isaiah 45:3; I speak to the four winds of the earth to blow out the hidden
treasures of darkness to my direction today.
12. Vs. 3; Every of my wealth and riches hidden and stored in secret places,
come forth today by fire and thunder.
13. Psalm 121:6 As the sun shines today, it will brighten my divine surprise
path; my life, family and ministry shall shine today in Jesus name.
14. Vs. 7; O Lord, preserve me today; evil arrows of the day must pass over
me now by fire.
15. Vs. 7; I decree that all my business engagements and academic activities
are preserved from destructive elements as I step out today in Jesus
16. Vs. 8; O Lord, order my steps as I go out today into my divine surprise
testimony and breakthrough in Jesus name.
17. Today rejection is not my portion. Every satanic spell of rejection fired
into my life and my day shall not prosper in Jesus name.
18. Decision determines destiny! Holy Spirit, guide me today as I make
decisions relating to my academics, business, career, finances and ministry.
I shall not regret but celebrate at last in Jesus name.
19. Psalm 90:14; My Father! My Father!! Satisfy me early today with Your
goodness, mercy, success and divine surprise in Jesus name.
20. Daniel 6:3; Spirit of excellence, distinguish me and make me outstanding
in my field of endeavour.
21. Vs. 3; I decree that by the spirit of excellence in me, I shall be preferred
above my equals and contemporaries in Jesus name.
22. Revelation 12:11; Today by the Blood of Jesus, I nullify, subdue and
overcome any satanic agenda against my life, family and ministry waiting
to be executed in Jesus name.
23. Ecclesiastes 10:6; In the name of Jesus I pull down the strongholds of
folly and wickedness targeted against my day by fire.
24. Holy Spirit, keep me from DESTINY WASTERS and deliver me from
costly and deadly mistakes today in Jesus name.
25. Isaiah 65:16; I invoke DIVINE SURPRISES upon my business, career,
academics, job, family and ministry today; I shall not see shame today in
Jesus name.
26. O Lord, any plan to surprise me today with evil, bad news and losses,
catch fire in Jesus name.
27. Lord, surprise my haters today; break and disappoint their expectations
concerning my day in Jesus name.
28. 1 Tim. 2:1-2; Pray for me Dr. Chris and my family and for our helpers
and partners today. Loose Divine Surprises.
29. Job. 22:28; Pray now and nullify any plan to derail this ODM vision
through marine witchcraft agents, court cases, online scammers, cyber
criminals or evil bloggers.
30. Eph. 6:8; Pray in Tongues concerning today and declare Psalm 126.
31. Psalm 107: 1-3; Bless the Lord with a song of worship and give Him
thanks for answering your prayers and for the divine surprise that lies
ahead of you today. (NOW DO THE DAILY PROPHETIC
what to declare in all battles).
32. MONDAY: READ Psalm 30:5; and DECLARE that your morning of
DIVINE SURPRISE has come today.
33. TUESDAY: READ Exodus 12:36; Luke 2:52; Psalm 102:13 and decree
that unprecedented FAVOUR SURPRISE will envelop you today.
34. WEDNESDAY: READ Revelation 5:12; Psalm 149:9; 2 Chronicles 17:5;
Psalm 8:5 and beseech the LORD to cause men to HONOUR you today.
35. THURSDAY: READ 1 Peter 5:10; Psalm 119:89 and ask the LORD to
SETTLE YOU financially today.
36. FRIDAY: READ Jeremiah 30:17; Joel 2:25-26 and ask the LORD for all
round RESTORATION today.
37. SATURDAY: READ Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37; Romans 5:5
and determine to LOVE the LORD today and always.
38. SUNDAY: READ Hebrews 2:12 and be in your local church/online
service and pray your ODM evening prayers below.
55:17; MATTHEW 14:23)
39. Psalm 63:4; Lord I thank and bless Your name for Your sustenance over
my life today.
40. Psalm 89:15; Let the countenance of Your mercy shine on me again Lord.
41. Psalm 3:3; My glory and the lifter of my head, lift my head above my
enemies and let the desire of my enemies scatter and perish.
42. O Lord, turn any mistake I have made today into my divine surprise
miracle in Jesus name.
43. Psalm 37:23; Any plan of the devil to make me miss my steps and divine
surprise, scatter by fire and thunder now in Jesus name.
44. Every satanic and demonic installation mounted by my enemies to stop
my ministry surprise, crash tonight by fire.
45. Daniel 6:7; I command every conspiracy of my adversaries against my
life, family, job, marriage, business and ministry THIS QUARTER/
THIS YEAR to be frustrated by fire in Jesus name.
46. Isaiah 48:22; O Lord, my haters shall not rest this year; take away their
sleep, peace and comfort tonight in Jesus name.
47. 2 Timothy 1:7; You spirit of fear and torment projected against me
tonight by the enemy of my soul, catch fire and burn in Jesus name.
48. John 14:14; Every witchcraft network targeted against my divine surprise,
break now in Jesus name.
49. O God, turn every negative experience today into my divine surprise
ladder. I refuse to be discouraged in Jesus name.
50. Exodus 13:21; Holy Ghost, envelop me with the pillar of Your presence
and protection tonight; I and my household shall not see corruption in
Jesus name.
51. Psalm 91:11; Angels of my divine surprise, visit me tonight and open my
way in Jesus name.
52. As the Sun, Stars and the Moon shines tonight, it shines my life’s path
into a new dawn of blessings, glory and honour in Jesus name.
53. Job 4:13; Satan you are a liar; you cannot manipulate my life through bad
dreams. Evil dreams; be reversed now by fire.
54. Psalm 63:5; Father, I thank you for answered prayers.
55. Psalm 119:62; Lord, I thank you tonight for Your goodness and mercy
showered on me this day and always.
56. Psalm 98:1: Lord, for Your wonderful deeds and mighty victories in my
life, I sing these songs to You to glorify Your name.
57. When praises go up, blessings come down; therefore, Lord, as I praise
You tonight, let Your divine surprise blessings overtake me tonight.
58. O Lord, as I praise You, let my life, family and ministry become praisefull THIS YEAR in Jesus name.
59. Jeremiah 33:3; My Father! My Father!! Invade the camp of the enemies
of my divine surprise tonight and let it be razed down in Jesus name.
60. Isaiah 9:7; God of justice, vindicate me tonight; recompense the evil
desires of my adversaries upon them in Jesus name.
61. Job 20:5; I decree and declare: Evil arrows of the wicked shall not triumph
over me; scatter into pieces tonight by fire.
62. Vs. 15; O Lord my God; my peace, joy, happiness, health, marriage,
wealth and riches etc which the enemy has swallowed, cast them out of
his belly tonight by fire.
63. Witchcraft covens and meetings orchestrated to bring me down tonight,
catch fire and scatter abroad in Jesus name.
64. Job 22:28; Errands of the night from the pit of hell fashioned for my
downfall and sorrow, be roasted now by fire in Jesus name.
65. Vs. 28; I decree a new bliss and turnaround in the affairs of my life now
by fire.
66. Vs. 28; I decree that all facets of my life’s endeavours experiences an
upward push; no more stagnation in Jesus name.
67. Vs. 28; I decree that the glorious light of the gospel will shine in my life
and open a door of salvation to members of my family.
68. Psalm 103:1; Lord, I thank you tonight! I have the victory in Jesus name.
69. O Lord, I refuse to be a spiritual dwarf; I must grow spiritually by force
THIS YEAR in Jesus name.
70. 2 Peter 3:18; Spirit of grace, consume me with Your Holy fire for my
spiritual growth and stability in Jesus name.
71. Isaiah 6:7; Lord, touch me one more time with Your fire of growth; I
cannot be stagnated again this year.
72. You spirit of weakness fronted to weigh me down spiritually this quarter,
be paralysed now by fire.

73. Psalm 42:1; You powers striving to distance me from Jehovah God, meet
with disappointment now in Jesus name.
74. Nehemiah 8:10; Any power mandated to dry up my spiritual strength; in
the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, dry up by fire.
75. Matthew 5:6; You powers assigned to quench my hunger and thirst for
righteousness and spiritual growth, catch fire now in Jesus name.
76. Jude 20; I receive grace for an unlimited spiritual growth and explosion
by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.
77. Acts 2:3; O Lord, kindle Your fire on me like in the days of old.
78. Vs. 4; Holy Ghost, baptize me by fire and use me to Your glory daily this
79. You spirit of spiritual retrogression, your time is up; loose me and go
now by fire in Jesus name.
MARK 16:20)
80. Hebrews 5:4; Lord, I return all glory and honour to You alone for counting
me worthy to be Your servant.
81. 1 Timothy 1:12; I thank you Jesus that through Your Blood I have an
extension of Your ministry.
82. 2 Corinthians 5:20; I shall not be a castaway. O Lord, let my life be a true
picture of You and the ministry You’ve given me.
83. Joel 2:28; O Lord, set me on fire to fulfil Your vision for my life.
84. Romans 1:16; Lord, by the power of the gospel of Christ, open for us

divine surprise doors of salvation for the unsaved this year.
85. 1 Corinthians 16:9; By the grace of God, divine surprise doors of miracles,
signs, wonders, breakthroughs, testimonies and expansion are open in
my ministry this year in Jesus name.
86. Acts 2:1-4; O God, baptize me with Your FRESH FIRE; I curse the root
of dryness in my walk with God this year in Jesus name.
PSALM 121:5-8)
87. Psalm 100:1; Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness in keeping and
protecting me all the way to this year.
88. Joshua 1:5; Any plot by any satanic human agent to stand on my way
this quarter, scatter, scatter and scatter by fire now.
89. O Lord my God, I beseech You to preserve and protect my life, family,
ministry, business, marriage and job this first quarter in Jesus name.
90. Psalm 121:7; My Father, by Your power, protect and preserve me from
the evil arrows of the wicked against me; break them by fire.
91. Isaiah 54:17; Father, preserve the going out and coming in of me and my
household daily THIS QUARTER/YEAR in Jesus name.
92. Psalm 91:10; O God, arise and protect and preserve me and my household
from arrows of sickness and diseases this year in Jesus name.
93. Vs. 11; O God, protect and preserve me DAILY through the ministry of
angels. I am untouchable in 2022.
94. Exodus 19:4; Abba Father, I take refuge under Your wings of protection
for me and my family, for we are safe in Your arms in Jesus name.
95. THIS QUARTER and indeed this year, the hedge of my life, family and
ministry shall not be broken; our safety is of the Lord in Jesus name.
KINGS 21:10-13)
96. Psalm 105:1; Lord, I thank you for not allowing my accusers to
prevail over me.
97. The accusers of Daniel ended up in shame in the lions den; O Lord, I
shall see the end of my accusers this year in Jesus name.
98. John 8:10; My Father! My Father!! Break the strength and fortitude of
my accusers; I shall see them no more.
99. Numbers 16:31-33; God of justice, arise and silence every voice of false
accusations triggered against my divine surprise by fire.

100. 1 Kings 21:10; Jehovah, the Vindicator of the righteous, arise and
let every enemy waiting to bear false witness against me go dumb and
blind now in Jesus name.
101. Isaiah 54:17; O tongue of false accusations striving to destroy my life,
break now by fire in Jesus name.
102. Isaiah 8:10; O Lord, disappoint the enemy and let every word of
accusation spoken against me come to nought in Jesus name.
103. O embargo put upon my life as a result of false accusations, scatter in
Jesus name.
104. Joel 2:25; Jehovah God, let all that the agents of false accusations took
from my life, family, ministry, marriage, job, business and career be
restored double fold in Jesus name.
105. Psalm 121:7; Thank you Lord, for the victory I have over bad news this
106. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I shall not succumb to satanic
manipulations through negative news this year.
107. Bad news manufacturers enough is enough; dry up by fire in Jesus
108. 1 Samuel 4:17; You messenger of evil news, pass over me; messengers
of good news, locate me by fire in Jesus name.
109. I scatter any plan to attack my divine surprise with bad news THIS
QUARTER in Jesus name.
110. Job 22:28; I reverse every bad news affecting my peace. I loose divine
surprise good news in Jesus name.
111. Vs. 28; Arrows of trouble shot through bad news into my life, catch fire
and burn by fire in Jesus name.
112. Psalm 62:4; I refuse to be cast down; O bad news targeted at my
downfall and disaster, be cancelled now by fire in Jesus name.
113. 1 Corinthians 14:32; Lord, I thank you for bringing my temperament
under my control in Jesus name.
114. Proverbs 16:32; O Lord, I shall not be consumed; grant me victory over
any negative attitude.
115. Every unwholesome attitude meant to destroy my destiny, catch fire
now and burn to ashes in Jesus name.
116. Ephesians 6:12; By fire and by force, I confront, fight and conquer

every high level spiritual wickedness targeted to manipulate me out of
self control now.
117. You marine powers moving me against God’s expectations for my life,
wither and perish now by fire in Jesus name.
118. You satanic forces influencing me to do evil contrary to my will; in the
name of Jesus, loose me and go by fire.
119. 2 Corinthians 12:9; Lord, release upon me sufficient grace to bring my
passions and temperament under subjection in Jesus name.
120. Hebrews 2:3; Lord, I thank you for giving me an escape route through
Your Blood.
121. Vs. 3; Lord, I receive salvation and deliverance through Your finished
work on the cross in Jesus name.
122. Job 1:15; Satanic attacks targeted to waste my life, loose your grip and
be reversed by fire.
123. Vs. 16; Satanic attacks meant to bring sorrow and pain into my life and
family, return to sender now by fire in Jesus name.
124. Psalm 71:2; My Father! My Father!! Deliver me and cause me to
escape all satan’s snares against me and my family in Jesus name.
Enough is enough; I command every attack on my health and finances
to scatter and backfire in Jesus name.
125. O God, I will not be a victim of satanic attacks this year. Lord, surprise
the kingdom of darkness with Your divine attack in Jesus name.
126. Father, I thank You because You will shock me this year with a divine
surprise recommendation.
127. 1 Samuel 16:18; Lord, in this year of divine surprise, recommend my
gifts and talents around the world in Jesus name.
128. Proverbs 22:29; I shall be recommended before kings in the high places
of life because I am a candidate of divine surprise.
129. O Lord, announce me this year; recommend me in the workplace and in
the business sector in Jesus name.
130. 1 Corinthians 16:9; Lord, open for me the door of recommendation that
will take me to my desired throne of honour and greatness this year by
131. Psalm 140:11; O Lord, release Your fire to cut off all those standing as
stumbling blocks to my recommendation this quarter in Jesus name.
132. O Lord, provoke individuals, corporate bodies and international
organizations to recommend me for jobs, business contracts and career
opportunities this year in Jesus name.
133. Psalm 150:2; Lord, I praise You for counting me worthy to be a recipient
of Your favour.
134. Proverbs 3:4; Favour of God, possess me and give me good
understanding and satisfaction now by fire.
135. Proverbs 8:35; I receive divine favour surprise by the mercy of God. O
Lord, command men to favour me by fire.
136. By the favour of God, the work of my hands are established this year;

I shall not labour in vain in Jesus name.
137. Genesis 26:3; O Lord God, bless and favour me in this land that I dwell
in; I shall not see shame in Jesus name.
I38. In this year 2022, I shall not labour without favour. Labour and favour
shall have a consensus on my behalf this quarter by fire.
139. Psalm 90:14; O Lord, satisfy me early with Your divine favour surprise
this year. Life shall not surprise me in Jesus name.
140. Satan you’re a liar; any attempt to crown my life with disfavour and
dissatisfaction is hereby resisted now by fire.
(MALACHI 3:10)
141. Father, I thank You for the grace and privilege to pay my tithe over the
years and indeed this year.
142. O God, breathe on my business, career, and ministry and let there be
unfathomable surprises in Jesus name.
143. O LORD, empower my hands to prosper in 2022. I shall pay my tithe
faithfully this year.
144. O LORD, by Your divine surprise intervention, increase my present
level of income. Surprise me financially in Jesus name.
145. Malachi 3:10; Lift up the seed/Tithe and pray: O LORD, as I obediently
release and worship You with this seed/Tithe in recognition of Your
person as my true and only source, take this Seed/Tithe and in return
according to Your promise in Malachi 3:10 open the windows of
heaven, pour out Your blessings upon me and my household and
rebuke the devourer for my sake in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
146. Now that I have obediently released my Seed/Tithe LORD, I boldly
declare according to Your Word that my vine (life, business, ministry
e.t.c.) shall not fail to bear fruit daily THIS QUARTER/THIS YEAR
in Jesus name.
147. John 12:26; LORD, help and guide me by your Spirit to always
remember and be ready to release my Seed/Tithe in Your storehouse in
Jesus name.
148. Isaiah 55:11; Thank you LORD for Your Word that never fails to
produce the expected answers to our obedience and prayers.
ZECHARIAH 1:18-21)
149. Thank You LORD, because I shall no more suffer from satanic
embargos; they must scatter this year.
150. Zechariah 1:18-21; Horns of hindrance, limitations, and delay, your
time is up; scatter, scatter, and scatter now by fire.
151. Vs. 21; O carpenters of Jehovah, lift up every satanic embargo; cast
out the horns of darkness meant to cripple me in the name of Jesus.
152. Isaiah 7:6-7; You embargo from the pit of hell meant to trouble and
waste my life, you shall not prosper; be lifted and wasted by fire now.
153. Exodus 23:26; You embargo of barrenness and unfruitfulness placed

on my marriage, life, career and ministry by my envious adversaries
for no just cause, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, backfire
now by fire and thunder.
154. Psalm 17:13; O LORD, arise, disappoint the enemy; by the power of
the Holy Ghost, break off every satanic embargo of stagnation and
nearsuccess syndrome from my life now by fire in Jesus name.
155. Job 22:28; O generational embargo of rejection, suppression and
disappointment, I overrule and overturn you now by fire in the name
of Jesus.
156. Psalm 107:8; LORD, I thank and praise you for Your grace and
enablement and for making me eligible for marriage.
157. Proverbs 28:13; LORD Jesus, I regret, confess and repent from my
past sinful and unholy relationships.
158. Vs. 13; I regret, confess and repent from my sins of unfaithfulness,
fornication, betrayal, blackmail, unholy affinity and rejection in past
159. O Lord, make me the right person for my would be husband/wife in
Jesus name. Marital mistake, pass over me by fire.
160. Isaiah 10:27; You marital yoke of delay, in the name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth, be wasted, broken and destroyed now by the anointing.
161. Isaiah 25:7; You covering cast or evil veil of no marriage shielding away
my life partner from me; by the Blood of Jesus, be shattered into
pieces now by fire.
162. Isaiah 34:16; God of divine connection, connect me to my spouse,
open the door of marital celebration for me this year in Jesus name.
163. Isaiah 28:18; LORD, by Your Blood, I break and destroy the evil
covenant of premature death entered against me now in Jesus name.
164. Vs. 18; I nullify and destroy the evil covenant of unfruitfulness working
against me now in Jesus name.
165. Proverbs 26:2; You curse/covenant of struggle released and instituted
to frustrate my life; in the name of Jesus, break and be swallowed up
now by fire.
166. Vs. 2; I enter into the covenant of divine surprise with my God this
year; let every other covenant be swallowed up in Jesus name.
167. Isaiah 10:27; O ancestral covenant/curses, enough is enough, I am a
candidate of a higher covenant through the Blood of Jesus; break, break
and break in Jesus name.
(DEUTERONOMY 8:18; HAGGAI 2:6; MATTHEW 17:24-27)
168. Psalm 51:1; LORD, have mercy upon me; I repent from every financial
unfaithfulness and lack of commitment in the past.
169. Joshua 5:9; O LORD, deliver me from the bondage and reproach of
financial recklessness and wastefulness now in the name of Jesus.
170. Ecclesiastes 9:10; Powers of weariness and laziness working against
me, be cut off now by fire in Jesus name.
171. Deut. 8:18; Abba Father, by the acts of the Holy Spirit, release upon
me the blessings and power to get wealth this year in Jesus name.
172. Vs 18; Lord, breathe upon the work of my hands this year and prosper
it by fire in Jesus name.
173. Eccl. 10:19; O divine power for financial dominion, fall and rest upon
me this year 2022. Father, surprise me financially in Jesus name.
174. You powers of financial dryness and stress, drying up my finances,
burn and disappear from my financial life now by fire in Jesus name.
175. Father, I thank You because the scriptures cannot be broken. I shall
wear my marriage ring this year in Jesus name.
176. Matthew 7:7-8; LORD, let Your thunder strike to death every enemy
in possession of my wedding ring now in Jesus name.
177. Vs 7; Lord, reveal and reclaim my wedding ring for me from its hiding
place in Jesus name.
178. Exodus 15:6; O Lord, let Your magnetic right hand of power magnetize
my marital ring to me this year. Let Your glorious right hand O God,
dash in pieces every power militating against my celebration season in
the name of Jesus.
179. Vs. 8; LORD, by the blast of Your nostrils, blast every enemy that is
saying no to my marriage plans this year in Jesus name.
180. Job 20:15; Jehovah the Restorer; I command every evil mouth, stomach
and womb that has swallowed my marriage ring to vomit it now by fire
in Jesus name.
181. Abba Father, thank You for enabling us to locate each other at this time.
182. 1 Peter 1:15; LORD, we resolve to maintain holiness throughout our
courtship season, so help us Lord, in Jesus name.
183. I bind every wrong desire of lust and sexual passion targeted against
this relationship in Jesus name.
184. 2 Corinthians 12:9; LORD, by Your sufficient grace, turn this
relationship into a tangible marital reality in Jesus name.
185. LORD, expose by fire every enemy that is pretending to be a friend
around us this season. Enemies in disguise, scatter by fire.
186. Job 5:12; O LORD, disappoint every evil device orchestrated by the
enemies against this relationship; they shall not prosper in Jesus name.
187. Psalm 124:8; LORD, our help is in Your name. Do all You can to climax
this relationship in a proper marriage soon in Jesus name.
188. Psalm 107:20; LORD, we magnify and exalt You for Your faithfulness
in bringing us this far.
189. Proverbs 4:7; LORD, grant us wisdom as we go through the planning
process of our wedding in Jesus name.
190. Job 22:28; LORD, let all those who are planning to destroy our wedding
sleep the deep sleep of death this year.
191. Proverbs 18:22; O God, we declare in faith; spirit and fire of favour, fall
upon us and announce us this season in Jesus name.
192. Matthew 18:19; O LORD our God, we agree that by the power of the
Holy Ghost, our wedding shall be crisis free and very successful; we
shall be blessed and honoured with spiritual, material, marital and
financial gifts in Jesus name.
193. Jeremiah 1:10; This day we overturn, overthrow, and destroy every
prepared plan of the enemy to scuttle this marriage by fire.
194. Psalm 103:2; LORD, we bless Your name for settling Your Word
concerning this marriage.
195. Isaiah 54:17; You weapons of sorrow and death programmed against
my marriage, by the Blood of Jesus, you shall not prosper; perish now
in Jesus name.
196. Micah 7:6; I come against the activities of household enemies strategizing
to attack, afflict and destroy our marital blessings; in the name of Jesus,
be paralysed by fire.
197. 2 Corinthians 2:11; Witchcraft manipulations meant to separate me
from my wife/husband; be cut off now by fire in Jesus name.
198. Exodus 13:21; O divine pillars of cloud and fire of protection and
preservation, spread Your tentacles over our marital home and life now
in the name of Jesus.
199. Psalm 34:10; LORD, I thank you because I shall not want any good
thing in this marriage. There shall be the cry of children in my home in
Jesus name.
200. Numbers 14:28; The beauty of every marriage is the fruit of the womb.
Holy Ghost, visit my womb with children this year by Your power.
201. Exodus 23:26; The scriptures cannot be broken; you deadly spirit of
miscarriage and barrenness, expire and perish from our marriage now
by fire.
202. Deut. 7:14; You spirit of stillbirth that is killing and eating up my
children from the womb, you shall not prosper again; die, die, die and
die by fire now in Jesus name.
203. 1 Samuel 1:17; God of Israel, grant unto me my petition of children this
year; let the devil be put to shame this year in Jesus name.
204. Psalm 23:6; O Lord, let the clear evidence of Your goodness and mercy
be made visible in my marriage this year; silence my accusers in Jesus
205. Psalm 105:1; Father, thank you for the blessing and victory I have over
this pregnancy in spite of the enemy’s devices.
206. Matthew 7:7-8; LORD, I ask that You protect and maintain the victory
of this pregnancy over the wicked arrows of my enemies by fire.
207. I command fire to visit, destroy and consume their monitoring gadgets
prepared against my successful delivery now in Jesus name.
208. Matthew 10:36; LORD, throughout the duration of this pregnancy,
household enemies and their wickedness shall not prevail over us in
Jesus name.
209. Luke 17:29; Lord, I paralyse every evil midwife, nurse or doctor preparing
to eliminate me and my baby/babies by fire. Let their hands wither and
their wisdom be corrupted now in Jesus name.
210. Job 22:28; I decree good health for me and my baby/babies throughout
the duration of this pregnancy in the name of Jesus.
211. 1 Timothy 2:15; I receive grace to continue living a life of holiness with
the fear of God and doing the work of charity in Jesus name.
212. Exodus 23:26; LORD, I decree frustration and confusion for all the
enemies of my successful delivery. I shall not cast my young in Jesus
213. 1 Tim. 2:15; LORD, I decree that throughout the duration of this
pregnancy and even at the moment of delivery, my faith shall be intact;
I and this baby/babies in my womb shall be safe, sound and secured. We
shall come out of the delivery room alive and well in the mighty name
of Jesus Christ.
214. Psalm 34:1; LORD, I bless and worship You for the wonderful gift of
children and for making me a beneficiary of Your heritage.
215. Lord, let the fire of Your protection be encamped around my children in
their going out and in their coming in, in Jesus name.
216. You wicked satanic personalities mandated to kidnap and waste the
destinies of my children, by the Blood of Jesus, wither and perish now
by fire.
217. Arrows of the tongue speaking sickness, waywardness, brain drain and
destruction into the destinies of my children, you have failed; return
back to sender now in Jesus name.
218. Proverbs 10:22; O Lord, any plan of the devil and his agents to attach
sorrow, pain, anguish and heartache to Your blessing of children to me,
catches fire now in Jesus name.
219. Job 22:28; I decree and declare that the portion and place of my children
will not be taken over by others. The excellent Spirit of the LORD shall
rest upon them. The uncommon blessings of the LORD shall be their
lot in the morning, at noonday, in the evening, at night, at home, in the
church, at school and wherever they may find themselves daily in the
name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
220. Psalm 118:1; Father I thank you for keeping me alive in spite of
household wickedness.
221. Psalm 121:4; O Lord, let Your eye single out all the activities of household
wickedness and reward them with divine judgment this season in Jesus
222. You household enemy that has vowed to pin me down in the place of
pain and suffering, loose me and die now by fire and thunder in Jesus
223. Genesis 37:18-20; My Father! My Father!! Stretch forth Your mighty
hand and deliver me from the conspiracy, afflictions and wickedness of
household enemies fired against me.
224. Psalm 110:2; LORD, help, empower and fortify me to rule and keep
ruling in the midst of household enemies.
225. Psalm 23:5; Father, put my enemies to shame. Decorate and announce
me in their presence and to their ultimate disaster in Jesus name.
226. Psalm 100:4; With a heart of thanksgiving Lord, I bless Your name for
blessing me with this job/career.
227. 2 Timothy 1:12; Lord, I commit this job/career into Your hands, knowing
fully well that You are able to keep it.
228. Isaiah 7:6; O enemies scheming to take over my job/career, meet with
frustration and disappointment in Jesus name.
229. 1 Kings 7:14; LORD, release on me the wisdom for job/career
advancement and upliftment in Jesus name.
230. 2 Corinthians 12:9; O grace for advancement and promotion, rest on
my job/career this year in Jesus name.
37:5; PROVERBS 16:3)
231. Proverbs 16:3; LORD, I commit everything into Your hand. Let the
powers of rejection waiting to embarrass me at the (name the country)
embassy, wither and fall into slumber by fire.
232. I command every opposing power and personality to catch fire and
burn perpetually now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
233. Rev. 12:11; O Blood of Jesus, overcome for me; cover every error in my
travelling papers now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
234. Psalm 102:13; O LORD, it’s my set time to be favoured; let Your
invisible oil of favour soak my travelling papers now in the name of
Jesus Christ.
235. John 14:13; In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I enter into (name
the country) triumphantly, gracefully and peacefully this year.
(MARK 5:25-34; JOB 5:12)
236. Every disappointment meant to frustrate my divine surprise experience,
scatter now in Jesus name.
237. Jer. 18:17; O east wind of God, scatter and blow off the satanic wind of
constant disappointments released against me by fire.
238. Vs. 17; O Lord, show Your back side of judgment against the powers
perpetuating constant disappointments in my life, family and ministry.
239. You manufacturers of constant disappointments bent on destroying
my life, receive fire and perish away now in Jesus name.
240. Job 22:29; I decree and declare that I shall not be a victim of
disappointments this year in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
241. O LORD, by Your mighty power, catapult me into a new season of
uncommon divine appointments this year in Jesus name.
22; 49:24-26)
242. Isaiah 24:22; Abba Father, have mercy, visit and rescue me out of this
pit of detention this day in Jesus name.
243. Psalm 91:3; O God, arise, save and deliver me from the snare and
detention of haters of my destiny by fire in Jesus name.
244. John 14:13; In the name of Jesus Christ, I break loose and break free
from every spiritual, mental, psychological, marital and financial
detention now by fire.
245. Matthew 11:12; By the force of heaven, LORD, I violently come out
of every form of satanic detention and imprisonment. Satan, I am no
more your detainee in Jesus name.
246. Romans 8:11; By the power of the Holy Ghost, I receive deliverance
from the detention of sickness, infirmities and diseases now by fire.
247. 2 Corinthians 3:17; Because the Spirit of the Lord is in me, I receive all
round liberty now from all forms of satanic detention in Jesus name.
PSALM 7:9)
248. Proverbs 23:18; In the name of Jesus, I paralyze every power waging
the war of oppression against my destiny now by fire.
249. Isaiah 10:1; Thunder of God, strike them that decree evil and oppressive
decrees against me to frustrate my progress in life and ministry now in
Jesus name.
250. Malachi 3:5; O LORD, make this season Your season of judgment and
pass the judgment of death against my oppressors in Jesus name.
251. Psalm 7:9; O LORD, let satanic oppression expire and come to an end
in my life this year in Jesus name.
252. Eccl. 4:1; My Father, come to my rescue; I have suffered enough,
comfort me this season on every side and declare me oppression free in
Jesus name.
253. Psalm 107:8; LORD, I praise You for not allowing the evil shackles of
sickness to destroy me over the years.
254. 3 John 2; LORD, I shall not spend my money on sickness; health
prosperity is my portion this season in Jesus name.
255. Vs. 2; O LORD, I command the manifestation of Your three-fold
prosperity agenda concerning my spirit, soul and body upon me now
in Jesus name.
256. Exodus 23:25; According to Your Word LORD, take this sickness
away from me this season in Jesus name.
257. Vs. 25; LORD, I vow to serve You wholeheartedly this year; establish
me in Your divine health programme in Jesus name.
258. Matthew 21:19; O strange affliction in my body, I command you to
wither and dry up right now by fire in the name of Jesus.
259. Vs. 19; The tree was good looking on the outside, but dead on the
inside. Every power trying to manipulate and misrepresent my health
condition; hands off now and surrender by fire.
7:22; ROMANS 8:1; JOSHUA 1:6-9)
260. 1 John 1:9; Ask God for mercy as you confess and repent from the
wicked role you played in this matter.
261. Pray the above scriptures as led.
262. Isaiah 54:17; Weapons of fear and intimidation fired at the trial judge, be
neutralized now by the Blood of Jesus.
263. Jer. 9:3; You arrows of confusion and disgrace targeted at me and my
lawyers, backfire now in the name of Jesus.
264. Joshua 1:9; I release the fire of courage and boldness upon my lawyers
and the trial judge now in the name of Jesus Christ.
265. Daniel 7:22; O judge of heaven and earth, put an end to this case by
passing judgment in my favour this year in the name of Jesus Christ
of Nazareth.
266. Zech. 3:3; O God, clothe me with Your garment of promotion and
favour this season. Evil garments, catch fire now.
267. Vs. 3; You garment of shame, disappointment, laziness, error and
rejection, working against my life and destiny, catch fire and burn
268. Psalm 143:12; My Lord and My God, unleash Your fire to burn off
every unrepentant enemy clothing me with evil garments now by
269. Zech. 3:3; Garment of near miss and near success syndrome causing
delay and backwardness in my life, be roasted by fire now.
270. Isaiah 20:6; Garment of barrenness/unfruitfulness causing crisis and
pain in my life, marriage and family, be devoured now by flames of
fire in Jesus name.
271. Psalm 92:1-2; Lord, I thank you for my friends and relatives.
272. Matthew 7:7-8; Lord, shower Your mercies, protection and
preservation on my friends and relatives today.
273. O Lord, open the door of contracts, business, career growth and job
opportunities for my friends and relatives this year.
274. In the name of Jesus, you evil order of rising and falling gaining
ground in the lives of my friends and relatives, be destroyed now by
275. I speak forth the health and prosperity of my friends and relatives
now by fire.
276. Psalm 91:10; You sickness and plague that is sent to end their lives
this year, in Jesus name, miss their address and return to sender now.
277. Psalm 90:1; Thank you Lord for being my dwelling place of safety
since I answered the call.
278. Psalm 103:8; Father, I bless Your holy name for Your grace and mercy
that has seen me through these years of ministry.
279. Heb. 5:4; Thank you Lord, for choosing and calling me into the ministry.
280. Psalm 110:3; Power of God, quicken me and make me fit for Your
281. Malachi 3:2; O Refiner’s fire, refine me and let me come out as gold
and meet for the Master’s use in Jesus name.
282. Vs. 3; O Refiner’s fire, purify and purge me; establish me in Your
righteousness and holiness.
283. 2 Corinthians 5:20; O God, help me to be a true ambassador of the
gospel of Christ wherever I find myself.
284. LORD, let every deceptive force working against me and my calling/
assignment be paralyzed and destroyed now by fire in Jesus name.
285. Psalm 126:5-6; LORD, cause the seeds I have sown in the lives of
people to bring forth fruit speedily in the name of Jesus.
286. Psalm 23:5; Abba Father, refuel me and refill my cup to the point of
running over this moment in the name of Jesus Christ.
287. Psalm 92:1; Thank you LORD for answered prayers in Jesus name.
288. Zechariah 4:9; LORD, You empowered Zerubbabel to start and finish
his projects; empower me O Lord to start and finish my projects, to
plan and successfully execute my plans this year in Jesus name.
289. Psalm 60:12; LORD, I receive grace to do valiantly and accomplish
unthinkable feats in the name of Jesus.
290. Vs. 12; O LORD, tread down every enemy waging war against the
completion of my projects; be brought down now by fire.
291. Nehemiah 4:1; You enemy of progress monitoring my projects and
mocking my progress, in the name of Jesus, shame and reproach is your
292. Isaiah 8:10; Every witchcraft and ancestral power taking counsel
together to cripple my projects, you shall not succeed in my life;
scatter in Jesus name.
293. Vs.10; Father, I thank you for the assurance of Your presence, power
and favour in completing this project and many others in good time, in
Jesus name.
294. Psalm 118:1; LORD, I thank you for my admission into school, in
Jesus name.
295. Romans 12:2; O LORD, give me a comeback academically, renew my
mind, passion and enthusiasm for a diligent study again this season.
296. Deut. 12:13; Father, I decree that in my academic life, I shall be the head
and I shall be above only in Jesus name.
297. Daniel 6:3; My Father, baptize me with the spirit of excellence for
academic excellence this season by fire.
298. Proverbs 4:7; LORD, I receive understanding of all my lectures,
assignments and tests. I shall not lack understanding in Jesus name.
299. Isaiah 54:17; You weapon of academic disgrace and frustration fashioned
against me this season, catch fire and burn now in Jesus name.
300. Psalm 40:1; LORD, I thank you for another opportunity to appear
before You today.
301. Psalm 65:2; I come before You O God that answers prayers; hear me O
Lord and deliver me this day.
302. Deut. 7:5; LORD, in holy anger I wage war against every evil altar and
structure of delay yoking my advancement in life; in Jesus name, be
destroyed now by fire.
303. Matthew 15:13; Every yoke of marital delay and stagnation, time out
now by fire; loose and break over me in Jesus name.
304. Isaiah 58:6; You yoke of sickness, poverty and lack of favour, I break
your bands and influence over me now; scatter, scatter, and scatter by
305. Isaiah 10:27; You powers behind constant delay in my life, submit to
the anointing now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
4:10; ISAIAH 58:6)
306. Job 22:28; Money, you shall not continue to ridicule me by being a
visitor to me; enough is enough.
307. Vs. 28; You spirit of poverty in my ancestry, I am no more your
candidate; take your hands off my finances by thunder and fire.
308. Galatians 3:13-14; O blessings of Abraham, invade the work of my
hands; make me a kingdom financial giant in Jesus name.
309. Deut. 8:18; In the name of Jesus Christ, spirit of poverty you are
judged and found guilty; loose your poverty grip from my life now by
310. Vs. 18; Poverty mentality implanted in my spirit by the enemy, by the
force of the Holy Ghost, be uprooted now by fire.
311. Psalm 11:3; O tree of poverty planted in my root and foundation, by
the thunderbolt of heaven, be rooted and destroyed now.
312. Psalm 92:1; Thank you Lord for the labour of my hands this day, and
I trust You for something bigger.
313. Psalm 128:2; O LORD, I shall not labour in vain; I shall eat the labour
of my hands in Jesus name.
314. Vs. 2; LORD, let the labour of my hands bring happiness and good
fortune to my life and family in the name of Jesus.
315. Vs. 2; Any plan by the enemy to frustrate and end my life through the
labour of my hands, be aborted and backfire now in Jesus name.
316. Deut. 8:18; Power of God that prospers the labour of men, fall upon
my hand’s labour this year for a turnaround in Jesus name.
317. Isaiah 7:6; I disorganize every move of my enemies to take a portion of
the labour of my hands for themselves now by fire.
318. Proverbs 6:10-11; Every spirit of laziness, slackness and sleep released
to weaken and diminish the labour of my hands, scatter by fire and
thunder now.
319. Psalm 24:1; Father, I thank you because You are Lord over my dream
land or the country of my destination.
320. Vs. 1; I command the territorial powers governing the land of my
destination to submit to me now in the name of Jesus.
321. Rev. 12:11; I nullify and paralyze any attempt by the enemy to cause
an accident on this journey in Jesus name.
322. Phil. 2:10-11; In the name of Jesus, I take over the air, land and sea and
I declare Jesus as Lord over them all; my safety is guaranteed in Jesus
323. Psalm 91:11; I invoke angelic presence and intervention for me and
others; my journey is successful and fruitful in Jesus name.
324. Psalm 92:1; LORD, I thank you for Your hand of love, protection,
preservation, and mercy over my unsaved folks.
325. Romans 1:16; O LORD, let the power of the gospel visit and hit the
hearts of my unsaved ones wherever they are this season in Jesus
326. 2 Peter 3:9; LORD, may my unsaved ones encounter genuine repentance
and salvation this year in Jesus name.
327. Titus 2:11-12; O grace of God, locate them and deliver them from the
power, bondage and shackles of sin this season.
328. 2 Corinthians 4:3-4; LORD, break and destroy by Your power the veil
and scales of unbelief from their hearts and mind by the Blood of Jesus
329. Ephesians 1:17-18; LORD, open and enlighten their eyes of
understanding and draw them to Yourself by the power of the Holy
Spirit this year in Jesus name.
330. Isaiah 43:19; LORD, do a new thing that will draw them closer to You
this season in the name of Jesus.
331. Matthew 7:7-8; O LORD, my destiny is too expensive to be exchanged;
banish them from my path and life now in Jesus name.
332. Job 22:28; I decree and declare that every plot to exchange my destiny
backfires now by fire in Jesus name.
333. Genesis 31:7; O LORD, You that frustrated Laban’s moves against
Jacob, disrupt and frustrate every move of destiny exchangers against
my life by fire.
334. Micah 7:6; My Father, any evil exchange transaction going on right
now on my behalf is cancelled now, now, now by fire and thunder.
335. Psalm 68:1; My Father! My Father!! Arise and scatter by fire the evil
network of destiny exchangers scheming to exchange my destiny now
in Jesus name.
336. Micah 7:6-10; You evil exchangers monitoring my life, family and
ministry to exchange it with pain, sorrow and misery, die, die, die and
die now in Jesus name.
337. Joel 2:25; Restore to me O Lord my glorious destiny and all that
destiny exchangers took from me in Jesus name.
338. Psalm 150:2; Father, thank you for the success of my last exams and
thank you for another examination season.
339. Daniel 9:2; LORD, as I begin to read and prepare for my exams, grant
me understanding and retentive memory.
340. Matthew 7:7; LORD, deliver me from laziness, side attractions and
forgetfulness in Jesus name.
341. John 14:26; You powers that cause me to forget what I have read,
known and understood in the examination hall, you are my enemy,;
loose me, wither and perish now by fire.
342. Vs.26; Holy Ghost, strengthen my recall power; help me to remember
all I have learnt and read in this examination.
343. Psalm 102:13; O LORD, favour and make me to excel in this examination.
My scripts or marks shall not be transferred to another candidate and
I shall come out with distinctions in Jesus name.
344. Psalm 34:1; Blessed be Your name Lord, for the privilege to be where I
am today.
345. Psalm 24:1; This land belongs to You O Lord and by extension it
belongs to me. Bless, favour and manifest Your glory in my life in this
foreign land in Jesus name.
346. Joshua 1:3; LORD, I claim and possess this land (mention the name)
by fire; O land, you must do good to me in Jesus name.
347. Vs. 3; O dream killers that frustrate the dreams of men in foreign lands,
my address shall fight you; I break and paralyze your activities now by
348. Genesis 26:12; O LORD, let Your power of increase and multiplication
locate the work of my hands in this foreign land in Jesus name.
349. Job 22:28; You forces of stagnation and retardation that hunt, confuse,
limit and cage foreigners in this land, you shall not prevail over me;
receive the judgment of fire and destruction now.
350. Vs. 29; LORD Jesus, as I step out daily, Your aura of acceptance shall
work in my favour in this nation. When others are being cast down,
there shall be a lifting up for me daily in the name of Jesus Christ of
351. Psalm 20:1-2; O GOD, arise and defend me; send me help and rescue
me from these difficulties confronting me in this foreign land.
352. Psalm 124:1-2; My Father, O God, arise and contend with the
wickedness of men contending with me in this land.
353. Eph.6:12; You territorial forces crippling my efforts and inflicting pain
on me in this foreign land, perish by fire now.
354. Isaiah 8:9; O LORD, let every evil association, conspiracy, trap and
accusation meant to bring me down, cease, break and scatter to pieces
now in the name of Jesus Christ.
355. Every satanic agenda to deport and throw me out by all means without
a cause cease and catch fire now in Jesus name.
356. Rev. 12:11; By the Blood of Jesus, I overcome and boldly take dominion
over those that want me down, grounded and dead in Jesus name.
357. Exodus 4:12; O LORD, as I go for this interview, put the right answer
to every question in my mouth in Jesus name.
358. Luke 12:12; Holy Ghost, take away from me confusion of thought and
order my lips accordingly in this interview.
359. Isaiah 60:1; This is my glory season; O Lord, envelop me with Your
glory of acceptance and favour for this job in Jesus name.
360. Esther 2:15; O LORD, let the Esther order of favour overtake me in this
interview today by fire.
361. Matthew 7:7; Every obstacle, barrier, hindrance and manipulation
occasioned by the devil to my securing this job, be removed and
destroyed now.
362. Vs. 8; Now in the name of Jesus, I receive this job by faith and I give
You all the glory.
363. Psalm 30:1; LORD, I thank You for Your blessings upon this business.
364. 2 Kings 6:1-2; God of expansion, let my business receive expansion
this year by fire.
365. Exodus 23:25; LORD, as I serve You through this business this year,
bless and enlarge the coast of this business by fire.
366. Proverbs 22:29; O LORD, advertise me and my business before great
men and make it a household name in Jesus name.
367. Job 22:28; I decree that my business is unlimited, unstoppable and
untouchable in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
368. 2 Kings 6:1-2; O GOD, cause the axe head of my business to float
again this season by fire.
6; ISAIAH 54:14)
369. Psalm 145:1; LORD, I bless You for the privilege of having a place of
370. Psalm 35:4; O Lord, let them be confounded and put to shame that seek
after my soul and position at my workplace in Jesus name.
371. John 14:13; By the power of the Holy Ghost, I demand and take hold
of my portion, position and possessions in the name of Jesus.
372. Psalm 146:7; My Father! My Father!! Arise and execute judgment
against those who oppress me in my place of work now by fire.
373. Psalm 140:5; My Father, let the snare and evil net spread against my
promotion in my office by my adversaries and haters, catch fire and
break now in Jesus name.
374. John 14:13; O LORD, visit every gang-up and conspiracy against me
in my office with confusion and disaster this season in Jesus name.
375. Job 22:28; I take my promotion, favour, increase and advancement in
my office by fire; my place no one can take in Jesus name.
376. Psalm 145:3; LORD, I praise You greatly in advance for my promotion
this year.
377. Psalm 75:6; God of promotion, show up for me this year; let my
promotion come by fire.
378. Vs. 7; My Father, put down those sitting on my promotion and set me
on high now in Jesus name.
379. Proverbs 22:29; LORD, as I work and labour diligently this year,
crown my efforts with tangible results in my life, family and ministry,
in Jesus name.
380. Daniel 2:48; LORD, the wisdom and understanding that will provoke
my promotion, release on me now in the name of Jesus.
381. Daniel 3:30; O GOD, You promoted Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
in a strange land; I decree my promotion by favour and by fire.
382. Psalm 78:70; You promotion resistors and anti-promotion agents sent
to demote me, your ministry is over; die, die, die now by fire and
383. John 14:13; You recurring arrow of sickness fired against my health, in
the name of Jesus, scatter by thunder.
384. Vs. 14; You power of recurring evil occurrences against my life, family,
ministry and marriage, loose your grip now and break in the name of
Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
385. Vs. 14; Every recurring evil occurrence occasioned by marine and occultic
powers, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, catch fire and dry up
386. Job 22:28; LORD, I decree by the nullifying anointing that the season
of recurring evil in my life and family is aborted now by fire.
387. Psalm 144:6; Jehovah my Vindicator, cast forth Your thunder and
lightning; by Your divine arrow shoot, scatter and destroy every recurring
evil occurrence targeted to waste me and my household now by fire.
388. Esther 6:13; GOD of Mordecai, let all those orchestrating recurring evil
occurrences against me and my family fall down and die; return their
evil portion back to them.
389. Psalm 75:1; LORD, thank you for the breath of life in spite of these
390. Vs. 1; Thank you Lord, for Your wondrous works and mighty acts
upon my life this season.
391. Psalm 124:1; Fire of God, go before me and consume every recycled
affliction that wants to consume me now in Jesus name.
392. Matthew 11:12; By the force of violence, I destroy every demonic
circular of recycled affliction released to stop my rising this season by
thunder and fire.
393. Matthew 18:18; Father, I arrest and bind the personalities, powers and
spirits behind recycled afflictions in my life, family and ministry in the
name of Jesus.
394. Nahum 1:9; O GOD, make an utter end of recycled afflictions on my
way to greatness by fire and thunder.
395. Vs. 9; LORD, affliction shall not arise the second time; you recycled
leukaemia, HIV, cancer, abnormal growth, fibroid etc, what are you
waiting for? Be swallowed up now by the Blood of Jesus Christ.
396. Genesis 1:28; Enough is enough; I exercise the dominion mandate and I
take complete dominion over every form of recycled affliction now in
the name of Jesus.
MARK 6:7)
397. Psalm 51:1; LORD, have mercy on me for my involvement in unholy
relationships in times past that had opened the door for spirit spouse
(seducing unclean spirits).
398. 1Timothy 4:1; I break off and break loose from the bond and hold
of spirit spouse (seducing spirits) now in the name of Jesus Christ
of Nazareth.
399. Mark 6:7; By the Blood of Jesus, I break and destroy every evil
covenant binding me and spirit spouse (unclean spirits) in marriage
400. Amos 3:3; You marine spirit goddess betrothed to me against my
wish and consent, I am now consciously married to Jesus and I
hereby reject, denounce and break free from you now by fire.
401. Rev. 12:11; O spirit spouse, this day I break off and divorce you
from any illegal spiritual marriage between me and you now by
the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
402. Job 22:28; This day, I destroy by fire every token and prosperity
of spirit husband/wife in my possession spiritually and physically
and I place a demand on the restoration of my true spouse, children
and possessions now by fire.
403. Exodus 8:23; Lord. with Your fire, detach and create a permanent,
impassable division and barrier between me and any spouse spirit
in Jesus name.
404. Thank the Lord for answered prayers.

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