Pray Day 9 and Day 10 Odm fasting 21 days fast 2022

Pray Day 9 and Day 10 Odm fasting 21 days fast 2022

DAY 9 AND DAY 10 ODM 21 Days Fast 2022 War Against Haman 17




Welcome to today’s divine surprise encounter with the anointing of the Holy Ghost. In this year 2022, Jehovah God wants to anoint you with a dangerous anointing. I call it “THE ANOINTING OF ‘GO FROM US” God will so anoint you this year until HIS DIVINE SURPRISE BLESSINGS give your haters sleepless nights. Yes! Because of what God will do this year, your adversaries and competitors shall be intimidated in Jesus name.

Genesis 26:13-14 says: “And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great: For he had possession of flocks, and possession of herds, and great store of servants: and the Philistines envied him. Then Vs. 16 reveals: “And Abimelech said unto Isaac, “GO FROM US, for thou art much mightier than we.” Wow! This is what I call “The Go from Us Anointing.” Why was Isaac resented? Why was the President of the Philistine nation intimidated by the success of Isaac? Why was the president of the Philistines nation intimidated by the success of Isaac, I Prophesy: Men shall not pity you, they shall envy you this year. The GO FROM US” anointing is a dangerous DIVINE SURPRISE anointing that PROVOKES ENVY! It provokes speed, increase, enlargement, prosperity and advancement that will shock your generation. Isaac was so blessed that he became an institution. Ah! He became richer than a nation and the whole nation became afraid of him. I decree that by u ANOINTING OF ‘GO FROM US”, you will become an institution this year and beyond. You will increase and enlarge and break free from every limiting factor. God will put your fear in the hearts of your enemies this year! One of the triggers of the anointing of “Go From Us,” is being at the right place and at the right time. Being where God wants you to be is the secret of your DIVINE SURPRISE experience this year. Your change –

Of-status is determined in as your divine allocation and your divine allocation determines by your divine location, and your divine location determines your position in life. The wrong location produces the wrong experience and negative outcome. I prophesy: You will not miss your Promised Land.

God will announce you even in the most remote places. Isaiah 32:15 says: “Until the Spirit be poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness be a fruitful field, and the fruitful field be counted for a forest. This means that it does not matter where you are and what you are going through. If God be for you and if you are where He says you should be, you will never end up shame. YOU ARE MOVING FROM THE WILDERNESS TO THE FRUITFULLAND AND YOU WILL NOT STOP TILL YOU ARE CALLED A FOREST OF GRACE, MERCY AND DIVINE SURPRISE! You will be BIGGER AND BIGGER till your haters ask you to “GO FROM US Amen and amen.

Genesis 26:2-3 says: And the LORD appeared unto him, and said, ‘Go not down into Egypt, dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of, sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee, and will bless thee, for unto thee and unto thy seed, I will give all these countries, and I will perform the oath which I share unto Abraham thy father.” Another profound secret of divine surprise is hearing and obeying the voice of God. God specifically told Isaac not to go down to Egypt, but to stay in the land of the Philistines and Isaac obeyed! There is no substitute to access and obedience to the voice of God if you want DIVINE SURPRISE THIS YEAR! You cannot go far in life/ministry and indeed this year without the divine voice of God. Isaac became a star by divine direction. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and the saints of old and even in contemporary times, great destinies have been birthed and shaped through divine direction. I prophesy again: You will not be lost in the race of life. I decree a highway for your destiny this year. May your land of residence favour you this year. Yes! The good of that and shall not elude you in 2022. Ah! As the Lord liveth, that village, town, City, State and country shall announce you this year in Jesus name. Therefore, in all that you do in 2022, HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD FIRST UNTIL HE SPEAKS, DO NOT MOVE! That’s my secret with this ODM Vision! The voice of God empowers you against opposition and challenges Isaac defied the odds and stood out and that shall be your story this year.

By the anointing of “GO FROM US”, you shall defy the odds and intimidate your haters. As you sow your “GO FROM US” PROPHETIC SEED CLICK HERE TO SOW, and PRAY THE PROPHETIC PSALM PRAYERS that will be sent to you, by faith your life, family and ministry shall defy the odds and YOU SHALL STAND OUTI Amen and amen!

Psalm 92:1; Father, I thank you for what you are doing in my life, family and ministry this season.
1 Thessalonians 5:23; I sanctity my spirit, soul and body with the blood of Jesus. Purge me Lord in Jesus name.
Vs.23, Lord, sanctify me through your word today; let my heart become your dwelling place O Lord, in Jesus name.
Vs. 23, sanctify your environment and plead the Blood of Jesus over your household now
O Lord, today shall be my date with destiny in this fasting program in Jesus name.
John 14:13; this is my year, I shall not fast in vain. Lord, take me from the crowd this year in Jesus name.
Vs. 12; Lord, baptize me with the “GO FROM US anointing. I shall be noticed this year in Jesus name.


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8 Vs. 13; I receive the anointing of “GO FROM US;” no power can rubbish my efforts in 2022 in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I break the yoke of laboring without results concerning my job, career and business.
Genesis 26:12; God of Isaac is my God, I shall not labor in vain; Hundredfold returns is my portion in Jesus name.
Vs. 12; By the order of the Isaac anointing, I crush every attempt to sabotage my efforts by fire in Jesus name.
Vs. 12; My Father, My Father, bless the work of my hands this year, open my heavens, I shall not see shame in Jesus name.
Vs. 13; I shall wax great and move forward in 2022; retrogressive powers, run mad and scatter in Jesus name.
Vs. 14; O Lord, I shall not be pitied, I shall be envied. Make me enviable and not pitiable in Jesus name.
Vs. 15; O God, open my wells this year. Every closed well, open now by fire in Jesus name.
Vs. 15; I resist the Philistines this year, their ministry in my life is over, die, die, die and die in Jesus name.
17, vs. 16; O God, let my results insult my enemies this year in Jesus name

18, vs. 16; Lord, let my success intimidate every hater of my destiny; let my advancement give them heartache in Jesus name.

Vs. 16; Lord, make me an institution, make me a force to reckon with; I shall become a proof in Jesus name.
Vs. 16; My Father, My Father, make me a reference point wherever I am this year; my star must shine by fire in Jesus name.

Matthew 11:12; I DEFY THE ODDS THIS YEARI No challenge shall swallow me up in Jesus name.
Vs. 12; I DEFY THE ODDS! Every gang-up against my work, rising and expectations, scatter and backfire in Jesus name.
Vs. 12; I shall not suffer demotion or retardation; divine surprise blockers, scatter, scatter and Scatter in Jesus name.
Zechariah 4:7; I defy any mountain positioned to stop me from my divine surprise portion in Jesus name.
Vs.7; Mountain of disappointments, you shall not prosper this year collapse and scatter in Jesus name.
26 Vs.7; You mountains assigned against my ministry, family, and health, bow to my destiny now by fire in Jesus name.
Mark 11:23; I DEFY THE ODDS THIS 2022, you stubborn battles trailing my life and ministry, bow and expire now by fire and thunder in Jesus name.
Vs. 23; O you ODDS producing BUTS in my life, family and ministry, I defy you in Jesus name.
Vs. 13; anything standing in between me and my God-given divine surprise testimony, what are you waiting for? Die, die, die and die in Jesus name.
Vs. 13; O God, use my odds as my ladder to my divine surprise avenue shall not see shame in Jesus name.
I carry the “GO FROM US” anointing, no mountain can consume me be melted new by fire in Jesus name.
The “GO FROM US” anointing is working for me this year, I defy the Odds against my health, peace and laughter catch fire in Jesus name
Lord, I defy the odds against my financial destiny in 2022; financial barriers, give way now in Jesus name.
Psalm 24:7; O God, I defy the gates of hell this year, you cannot stop me; be broken in Jesus name.
Vs. By the anointing of ‘go from us, no demonic gate shall stand in my way, get out of my way in Jesus name.
VS. 7; you gates mounted to stop my access to my land of divine Surprise, be lifted now by the anointing in Jesus name.

Vs. 9; O God, whatever is within the gate that is mine must get to me this year, O gate, open now by fire in Jesus name.
My Father, my Father, carry me through the barriers, obstacles and Challenges of my 2022 journey and let them bow and scatter in Jesus name.
I DEFY THE ODDS in my career: every career issue blocking my rising and advancement, be surmounted by fire in Jesus name.
Lord, announce me, beautify me and decorate me. I shall not be the scapegoat in Jesus name.
Any man/woman that says I will not move forward in 2022, shall not go forward too; Lord, break their pride and dislocate their confidence in Jesus name.
1 Samuel 3:11: “And the LORD said to Samuel, ‘Behold l will do a thing in Israel, at which both the ears of everyone that heareth it shall tingle.” O Lord, You are the final authority and every authority emanates from you. You mean what you say and you say what you mean! In this year 2022, mare my life, family and ministry what will TINGLE the world. Make out of me a mystery, and a wonder Let my life and destiny shock my haters this year let their ears Tug blow open, shatter their eardrums, shake their ears with my divine surprise visitation. Ah! Let my divine surprise mare my enemies nervous and dumbfounded. The more they look, the less they will see and the less they look, the more they will see your power, mercy. Goodness favour and greatness. This 2022, let my success story. My marital story, my financial story, my career etc blow the minds of my adversaries in Jesus name!

vs. 11: “And the LORD said to Samuel, ‘Behold, I WILL DO A THING

in Israel…” My Father, my Father, DO A THING in my life this year, so that the ears that will hear it will be blown away in utter Shock.
Vs. 11; Abba Father, DO A THING in 2022 that will make men to say that of a truth, I SERVER A LIVING GOD!
Vs. 11; O God, DO A THING in my health and let every health battle my life expire by fire in Jesus name.
Vs.11; Lord, DO A THING, prove a point, superimpose your divine Surprise agenda upon my destiny in 2022 in Jesus name.
Vs. 11; Lord, DO A THING, turn my life, family and ministry into a global wonder, turn me into a surprise that will shock the world this year in Jesus name.
Genesis 17:2; O God, You surprised Abraham and multiplied exceedingly, surprise me exceedingly in 2022, multiply me roundabout by fire in Jesus name.
49 Vs. 6: O God, you changed the name of Abram to Abraham surprised his generation; change my name this year and s generation through my life in Jesus name.
Eccl. 11:3″.. If the tree fall toward the south, or toward north, in the place where the tree falleth, there it shall be.” Satan, you are a liar, I AM NOT A TREE and I will not end up as such. I shall rise again to the dismay and shock of my haters in Jesus name.
Complete this fast! Sow your seed and pray your PROPHETIC Prayer psalms! Refuse to quit now! This is your year! HOPE IS REAL! On PRESSURE; NO DIAMONDS!

vs. 3: I’M NOT A TREE; I shall rise again, my case is different, my chapter cannot be closed, my rising shall surprise the world in Jesus Name.
52 Vs. 3; I’M NOT A TREE! O God, disappoint those that have concluded my life and destiny; they shall fail in Jesus name.

Vs. 3; I AM NOT A TREE, any power or personality celebrating my downfall, enough is enough; run mad now in Jesus name.
Vs. 3, you root of stagnation hunting my life, family and ministry, burn by fire now in Jesus name.
Vs. 3; O God, I refuse to remain in the same place this year, I’m moving forward ever and backward never in Jesus name.
LORD, use my haters to SHOWCASE your power in 2022 like you did to Pharaoh.
LORD, RAIN ON ME THE “GO FROM US” ANOINTING in 2022! Make me an institution like Isaac! I will sow my “GO FROM US” SEED and pray the DIVINE SURPRISE PROPHETIC PRAYER PSALMS which will be sent to me. LORD, make me to STAND OUT for all to see (Pray this point seriously)!
Lift up the last-day WORLDANOINTING ONLINE SERVICE; loose uncommon divine surprise manifestations!
Thank the Lord for answered prayers now and for open heavens in this fasting programme!
DECREE AND DECLARE NOW: “l am a candidate of the “GO FROM US” ANOINTING! No power or personality shall intimidate me this year; my love for God, my results, my Success, my testimonies and my achievements shall intimidate the devil and my haters. I shall obey the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit. I shall not be stranded in 2022; light is breaking forth for me on every side. Whatever
I do shall prosper and blossom. The Lord shall catapult me into my land of divine surprise and whatever was supposed to demote me shall promote me, whatever was supposed to demote me shall promote me, whatever was supposed to disgrace me shall grace me. My scar shall produce my stardom. I SHALL DEFY THE OODS and STAND OUT this year! Every challenge shall become my ladder of divine surprise. I shall operate daily in the Isaac order of blessing. As I sow my “Go FROM US” SEED and pray the “DIVINE SURPRISE GO FROM US PROPHETIC PRAYER PSALM, “the Lord shall make me an institution like Isaac! My MILK AND HONEY experience shall not be contested. I am bound for the topmost top. I AM A SURPRISE IN 2022 in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen and amen!”


1PM (Lagos, Africa time) Saturday January 29th 2022.

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