Psalm 119:62; Lord, I thank you tonight for Your goodness and mercy showered on me this
day and always.
Psalm 98:1: Lord, for Your wonderful deeds and mighty victories in my life, I sing these
songs to You to glorify Your name.

When praises go up, blessings come down; therefore, Lord, as I praise You tonight, let your
divine surprise blessings overtake me tonight.

O Lord, as I praise You, let my life, family and ministry become praise- full THIS YEAR in Jesus

Jeremiah 33:3; My Father! My Father!! Invade the camp of the enemies of my divine
surprise tonight and let it be razed down in Jesus name. 2022 NIGHT VIGIL PRAYER POINTS
Isaiah 9:7; God of justice, vindicate me tonight; recompense the evil desires of my
adversaries upon them in Jesus name.

Job 20:5; I decree and declare: Evil arrows of the wicked shall not triumph over me; scatter
into pieces tonight by fire.

Vs. 15; O Lord my God; my peace, joy, happiness, health, marriage, wealth and riches etc
which the enemy has swallowed, cast them out of his belly tonight by fire.

Witchcraft covens and meetings orchestrated to bring me down tonight, catch fire and
scatter abroad in Jesus name.

Job 22:28; Errands of the night from the pit of hell fashioned for my downfall and sorrow, be
roasted now by fire in Jesus name. 2022 NIGHT VIGIL PRAYER POINTS

Vs. 28; I decree a new bliss and turnaround in the affairs of my life now by fire.
Vs. 28; I decree that all facets of my life’s endeavors experience an upward push; no more
stagnation in Jesus name.

Vs. 28; I decree that the glorious light of the gospel will shine in my life and open a door of
salvation to members of my family.

Psalm 103:1; Lord, I thank you tonight! I have the victory in Jesus name. 2022 NIGHT VIGIL

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